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But perhaps it wouldn't be that tough to use a one-cup-size filter holder.
Yet even the majestic giant sequoia is not the record holder.
Being a graduate student means being a job-holder, with an extended training period.
Climate change is about the long term global average not about whether this month or day or even year is the new record holder.
It says it was removed because the copyright holder wished it removed.
It has many useful inner coat pockets, such as a cell phone holder and goggle holder.
Driver's licenses and social security cards don't demonstrate anything about the holder's legal presence.
Permission will need to be sought from the copyright holder.
But that uncertainty may mean the role is determined by the personality of its first holder.
We read our children books, borrowed from a library, without paying the original copyright holder for the performance rights.
Early automobiles often included a buggy-whip holder on the dashboard-a useless fillip that designers couldn't bear to part with.
The letters could be sent only to a personal friend of the current holder, who then received the same instructions.
Place a tall, standing floor candelabra or candle holder at one corner of the room.
All submissions must be authorized by the account holder.
The test tube holder obviously is designed to hold test tubes.

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