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But only now has the whole story of the fantastic hoax been told.
It's pretty obvious from the one photo that this is a hoax.
To infer that climate change is a hoax seems ridiculous to me.
Maybe it was all just a cruel hoax.
But the revelation was also seen as a hoax and publicity stunt.
If that sounds like an obvious hoax, that's because it is.
Perhaps this whole thing about budgetary deficits is a hoax.
It was a hoax, of course, but nobody ever quite figured out how it worked.
The attacks spawned a spate of hoax letters nationwide.
The raid made for gripping television, but it soon became clear that the phone calls were a hoax.
The press, satisfied that the whole thing was a hoax, decamped.
Several studies have exposed the text as a hoax, but it's still available in numerous languages and editions.
The senator added that he stood by his hoax statement as well.
The source of that story was a press release that proved to be a hoax.
But there was no hoax to be exposed, and he knew it.
It is also not a hoax, there is nothing secretive or ill intentioned about it.
It doesn't mean that global warming, or natural gas, is a hoax.
Most readers were amused and elaborated on the hoax.
The following website are good resources to determine if a given message is indeed a hoax.
The search and rescue efforts continued for approximately eight hours and ultimately revealed the distress call was a hoax.
If you have any questions about this hoax, or any other matter related to veterans issues please don't hesitate to contact us.

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In a secular age, an authentic miracle must purport to be a hoax, in order to gain credit in the world.... more
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