hipster in a sentence

Example sentences for hipster

Your feet don't care that heritage hiking boots are second only to beards in today's hipster wardrobe.
Less traditional are the bare expanse of taut stomach, the skin-tight hipster trousers and the six-inch stilettos.
Out: the snarly parking valet, the too-cool-to-notice-you hostess and the tipsy-hipster pool scene.
The reclaiming of forgotten technology is every hipster's siren song.
Melting down used plastic to make the next hipster tote.
Your hipster messenger bag holds all your precious gear-and that is precisely the problem.
But these hipster investors have some pretty valid insight.
It's decadently dazzling in a heroin hipster sort of way.
Once housing the city's main wholesale food market, it retains an earthy air with many cabarets and hipster nightclubs.
It's about life in hipster enclaves, and the self-consciousness that makes hipsters desperately disavow the label.
Short story about a hipster who discovers his friends are inserting product placements in their social lives.
These clothes are specifically designed to shield their little unborn hipster babies from computer and cell phone radiation.
It's not all about or by newly minted hipster urbanites.
Her bright-red retro-y hipster dress in first scene with roommates.
Not the hipster generation, so much, but the younger generation of businessmen.
We thank you for your time and support, and probably a hipster said yeah.
The hipster kids that drove the home-brew movement, making ale in their kitchens, are the ones now making booze in their kitchens.
If so, their heads are going to explode when hipster fashion invades.
We've always had a niche market with the hipster crowd.
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