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Example sentences for hiatus

Worried by the playwright's increasingly unstable state, he also advised a total hiatus from work.
Unfortunately, the show was on hiatus, and not scheduled to start up again until February.
The board may come to regret the management hiatus it has caused.
There was a 23-year hiatus before he put in another appearance.
Wednesday, the world's most famous golfer will end an eight-month injury hiatus.
They're both on hiatus from college.
He has, however, used his hiatus profitably.
I'm currently starting over after a long hiatus.
The school resumed its program last year after a 28-year hiatus.
When you see a friend, take an ambulatory hiatus and step to the side.
The show is back after a hiatus, and the characters' marriage is on the rocks.
If a hiatus is long enough, it can seem remarkable to release a great album.
Invite your friends out and take a well-deserved hiatus so that you are ready to return to your work.
There was a hiatus in dramatic discoveries, it is true, but that now seems to be coming to an end.
The country would have been much better off had it been killed and manned spaceflight had gone on hiatus for a couple of decades.
There is also a looming shortage of qualified nuclear engineers, after the three-decade hiatus in building new plants.
Miller responded by putting his garden on a hiatus this summer while he got his property rezoned.
Inflation and low wage increases are gradually eroding the disposable income of everybody leading to a retail hiatus.
Chase signed for one more go-round, but took a long hiatus.
You've probably noticed our chats have been on hiatus this month, but the suspension is temporary.
But the sacred three-month hiatus may do more harm than good.

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... Ma hiatus between two nothings— ...... more
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