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This eloquent inquiry into how humans help or do not help one another ranges widely in philosophical issues.
Glaciers can help mountains grow by shielding them from erosion.
As the lead designer, my job is to help make sure the game is fun.
As a leader, there's a real temptation to try to change people or help people get to where you want them to go.
God helps those who help themselves.
The technology would also help retailers keep track of customers' spending habits and advertise special offers.
There are times when without the help of humans introducing species that other species overtake the home range of other animals.
It takes a willingness to ride the waves with the guys to help figure out what's agitating them.
Your article help put some of the history of it together for.
With research, patience and help from an unnamed source.
In other words, you can build here, but you're not getting any help from the feds.
For general help questions, please use our help form.
These are a few of the many groups that are trying to help.
Although four out of five wildfires are started by people, nature is usually more than happy to help fan the flames.
Biological filters, which combine mechanical and bacterial filtration, help.
Scattering scratch in different areas each day will also help prevent overgrazing in a single area.
Brackets and wire on a wall help support wisteria vines.
Canning tomatoes need high acid to help prevent botulism.
Plant trees and shrubs on the windward side of your garden to help disperse it.
May help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.
You'll find ideas as well as designers who can help you realize them.
Three ornamental rocks will help you figure out how this works in your own garden.
She could no longer borrow from the future, to help her through the present grief.
There are none so poor they cannot help, and none so rich as not to need help.
Drawing as one attempts to learn science concepts can help in reasoning and basic understanding.
Research finds that dreams may help consolidate and soothe troubled memories and experiences.
Chemists help archaeologists to probe biblical history.
Help scientists help make discoveries about the neural structure of the retina.
New melanoma drugs don't cure the disease, but they help patients live longer.
They can enhance kids' creativity and help them develop technical skills.
Get information on education programs that could help you increase your earning power.
The region's governors and regulators are mulling ways to help them.
Faster productivity growth could help to mitigate the slowdown, but it does not seem to be forthcoming.
It would help, of course, if movies were shot at much higher frame rates to start with.
So although old people tend to be less healthy than younger ones, their cheerfulness may help counteract their crumbliness.
More help and support for disabled students, please.
Some specially tailored games seem to help preserve mental fitness.
Plants have more than thorns and thistles to protect themselves-they can cry for help.
Antibiotic use on the farm hurts people-and doesn't help the bottom line.
When a sick stomach won't go away, a good patient history can help.
Recognizing this tendency could help you avoid future lapses.
Micronutrients help build and sustain the brain's architecture and fuel its biochemistry.
Training bugs may help us understand our own brains.
He also says its reduced resistivity will help avoid overheating.
If the anesthetic didn't help, then it probably wasn't trochanteric bursitis after all.
Bones help fix themselves by controlling the body's metabolism.
Sometimes being a leader means knowing when to ask for help.
We went everywhere for help, and it seemed nobody wanted to help us.
We're working to solve these problems, and your feedback will help us do so.
He had little formal education and left school in the eighth grade to help support his family.
He really wants you to feel better, to do better, to help you solve the problem.
If you caught somebody counting cards you signalled for help.
With so many delegates at stake, the votes can't help but be significant.
To help lessen the appearance of dark circles, follow these guidelines.
There are some kids you can help by building orphan-care centers they can visit during the day.
Now her father, already not in great health, needs help taking care of the horse farm.
New refinancing activity and additional sales could help to strengthen the economic recovery.
If you think the point of the program is to help the poor, then no, welfare reform is not working.
Doing that might help corporate health but would do nothing for public health.
We try and help them in mind, body, and spirit to make that transition as painless but successful as possible.
The final idea above, which would provide additional incentives to encourage principal reduction, might not help much either.
Everyone would help themselves after the ceremony and also take some cookies home as party favors.
If you can't find what you're looking for at stores near you, help create demand by asking for the kind of beef you want.
You'll get an earful from the lively counter help about how lobster meat deserves better than a hot dog bun.
The wide pan is partly so the rice won't get mushy and partly to help a tasty crust form on the bottom.
Local honey, she adds, has been shown in some studies to help strengthen the immune system against seasonal allergies.
And then you try, because you really can't help yourself.
Run a thin knife around edge to help prevent cracking.
And while practice may not make perfect, it will help ensure you create a final product that tastes-and looks-fantastic.
Husbands accompanied their wives to help select hats and gowns, and wives accompanied husbands when they went skiing and shooting.
Some pros recommend basting the whites with fat from the pan to help cook them through.
Sometimes you need a pick-me-up, sometimes you need help relaxing.
There is an added possibility that you will be unpleasant to the help.
What's more, he made his reputation without the help of television.
Please forward to me any material or address of material that will help my education in this field.
Doctors will soon have an arsenal of new genetic tests to help select the appropriate treatments or drugs for patients.
Cancer information specialists can answer your questions about cancer and help you with quitting smoking.

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