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Example sentences for hallucination

Is this the dream, or is this the hallucination that one is doing well.
Reality is a fact, for humans, reality is self-induced hallucination.
The uncertainty about what is hallucination and what is real exemplifies the world of the psychotic.
His symptoms were chiefly auditory hallucination and paranoid ideation.
The hallucination that he could jump back to camp is a typical manifestation of that ailment.
He said it was not a hallucination from an oxygen starved brain.
Once you're exposed to that, you never recover from that layer of hallucination.
Housing prices appear to be determined by collective hallucination.
Walk a few hundred yards southeast along the coast and face what appears to be an hallucination.
At its best it's a free-flowing hallucination that allows the audience the freedom to make of the images what they will.
And the truth was that he was slipping from the shared world into the private one of impending dementia and hallucination.
It was not a trick of the wind, not a hallucination.
She laid her emotions out there, haunting us with spontaneous hallucination and phantom sensations.

Famous quotes containing the word hallucination

Pornography is the quadrophonics of sex. It adds a third and fourth track to the sexual act. It is the hallucinati... more
The popularity of that baby-faced boy, who possessed not even the elements of a good actor, was a hallucinationmore
It is queer to contemplate how many people there are in any community who labor under the hallucination tha... more
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