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Hacker someone who breaks into computers to read private e-mails and other files.
They haven't had any hacker break-ins-of course, they had never had any before, either.
Hacker have collaborated once again to share what has helped us work through and enjoy the time in between traditional semesters.
Yes a hacker cannot directly tamper the electrical feed going into your house.
One is security: such systems will be vulnerable to all sorts of hacker attacks.
If broken into, there is no limit to the damage a hacker can do to a computer running in administrator mode.
Its advocates, notably the hacker community, see this as a major benefit.
He often maintains a hacker's schedule, working late into the night.
In the hacker scene, in particular, there are quite a few extreme characters.
Good or bad, they've all but disappeared, and the alleged hacker was arrested in fairly short order.
Or a hacker could overload an emergency response by reporting multiple accidents to create a diversion.
Before a hacker would try to crack a certain number of accounts using common words.
The companies naturally strive to make these systems as hacker-proof as possible.
After he got into the system, the hacker decided to reboot the computer, which basically made it crash.
Interestingly, the hacker slightly changed her email address so hitting reply didn't work.

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When this yokel comes maundering, Whetting his hacker, I shall run before him, Diffusing the civilest odors... more
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