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The only good that comes out of an abusive job situation is if you have the guts to move on and do much much better.
Some studies have shown that these beneficial bacteria are reduced in the guts of the allergy-prone.
These soldiers have such guts and bravery to do what they do.
He may be listening with his brain, but certainly not with his guts.
The sound system shakes your guts every time it rumbles down the spectrum.
His charisma consists of having no obvious charisma except phenomenal concentration and guts.
After your guts are thoroughly busted, vote for your favorite.
They have the guts to publish specifics, because they can back up the truth with evidence from the perps.
Not enough smart people who have brains, guts, and willing to work.
The extent of their dependence on their resident bacteria is such that many ocean vent species lack mouths and guts.
But the guts of those people who are given antibiotics to prevent or treat infection during a stay in hospital are different.
Unfortunately, the guts of the report aren't much more uplifting.
It is unlikely that a committee would have had the guts to allocate so much time to what was a speculative punt.
Starting from scratch takes a lot of guts, and they have demonstrated in the past that they can rebuild their world.
And both have the guts to stand up for what the believe.
No soundtrack other than the hum of fluorescent light and the burble of guts fed with too much bad coffee and too little food.
Investors who had the knowledge, foresight or guts to invest in the debt of the shakiest companies have made huge gains.
Clearly, they are so friendly, since they're spilling their guts to tabloid reporters.
He also found that the bacteria in our guts are another reservoir of resistance.
The guts of the paper are really in the supplements.
Only older mosquitoes can transmit dengue fever because it takes several weeks for the virus to reproduce in the insects' guts.
So lets see if you have the guts to post my thoughts or not.
Defense leaves its guts, and other parts, on the field and the offense has no creativity.
So while the new editions are using high-quality scans of those guts, there will be new art work and new designs for the covers.
Rising asthma rates may be partly explained by bacterial imbalances in our guts.
For an agent to seem autonomous, you have to choose to not look at or understand its guts.
And sometimes nature pulls all those things apart, reveals their guts.
The guts of the camera-the image sensor and all the accompanying circuitry-would have to be created from scratch.
The people there were legendary wizards so steeped in the guts of systems that she found no place in the conversation.
Scan-head miniaturization has shrunk the guts wafer-thin, so only the polycarbonate body is visible.
It takes guts to risk our antipathy, to invite us in with brilliant technique rather than bids for empathy.
It turns out that he's even got more guts and athletic prowess than they do.
Absent are blood and guts and the vrooming freeway hunts of espionage convention.
The bees' guts, which should have been white, were stippled brown with infection.
And no one loved the airport in the guts of the city more than the spotters.
Then they looked at what was inside their specimens' guts.

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