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Example sentences for gumption

Governments have not the gumption to constrain civil service costs.
In old Hollywood, they called it gumption or moxie.
He wished there was some way he could inject a shot of spirit and gumption into his father.
He has more gumption.
Imagine the gumption it took the first trainer to pull this off.
Fortunately, she finds recipes and much-needed gumption to prove herself.
There's where guts and gumption come in.
Despite gumption and a sports-utility vehicle, massive flooding from recent storms prevents us from reaching it.
Leaders have to show a lot more foresight, leadership and gumption than we have seen so far.
Yet both allies and opponents alike believe he has neither the gumption nor the authority forcefully to push for these goals.
The rest of us in academe could use some of their vision and gumption.
Moreover, the dustier one's bachelor's degree gets, the more gumption it takes to ask professors for reference letters.
But gumption turned into contempt, and it would have been interesting to see the stages.
Nobody has the wit or gumption to stand up and lift the stylus.
We only talked for a few minutes, but it's clear that she has a lot of gumption and strength.
No questionable idea should be exempt from being publicly ripped to shreds by whomever has the gumption and knowledge to do so.
He also had the gumption to do comedy about his weaknesses.
People with less gumption might have buckled in that situation.
Even deeper pangs had troubled parents who knew that candy or soda should be banned but didn't quite have the gumption to do it.
Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees.
They had gumption, grit and backbone--essentials for survival in the great wide open and its attendant perils.
And, as he said, anybody who has enough interest and gumption to come in can participate.
But we've got to have the gumption to stay in the fight and to get the job done.
But there are a lot of questions raised by the bill about whether these people would have the gumption to actually be independent.

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One of the final challenges for human beings is to get old with as much verve and gumption as possible. Old... more
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