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No one should deny that graduate education is in a bad way at the moment.
To provide graduate medical education payments to support community-based training.
Outstanding graduate programs are the hallmark of a great university.
In future, one of the big returns to a strong brand may be its effects on graduate recruitment.
His undergraduate and graduate level courses cover the field of visual cognition and psychology.
She is planning to go on to graduate school to study pharmacology and medicinal plant research.
There were dissertations on the bookshelves from his former graduate students.
Because these fellowships are full-time, they are not appropriate for matriculated undergraduate or graduate students.
Student and graduate questionnaires were audited for multiple or false entries.
Open to graduate students and juniors and seniors in college.
No, it is not a pattern made by tipsy graduate students.
Most students are required to take a computer-based test to get into graduate school or business school.
Limited on-campus accommodation is available in the graduate residence hall and in married-student apartments.
Many useful insights lurked in its vertices, awaiting discovery by inquiring graduate students.
In my mind, there is no doubt that an important part of my job is to make sure my graduate students get their own jobs.
The economists tried to control for every possible variable, such as outside scholarships and the quality of graduate students.
Service, however, almost completely falls by the wayside as a subject for which graduate students are prepared.
In colleges that have master's and doctoral programs, graduate students are regularly used as cheap teaching labor.
My undergraduate degree was in aerospace engineering and graduate degree was computation engineering.
Graduate and undergraduate enrollments are at record.
Today a graduate student can achieve similar results with a simple apparatus using optical frequency combs.
Don't go to graduate school-it's expensive, and no one cares about writing degrees.
Almost half the people who go to college never graduate.
The day will surely come when the graduate will have an interview.
One evening he went for drinks with some graduate students.
He favors jeans and dark-colored shirts, and has the earnest enthusiasm of a graduate student.
He had a graduate degree in art history, and he liked to draw, though he did it badly.
Housing needs may also involve graduate students and law students.
He defied paternal expectations by leaving a prestigious graduate school for civil-servant training to go into book publishing.
Mason took the money and dropped out of graduate school.
They graduate to jewelry thefts organized and financed by the boss.
Attending graduate school opens a new door to learning beyond college.
Grants are available for both undergraduate and graduate studies.
Graduate programs in the social sciences are also not eligible.
Contribute to the work of the nation before you graduate.

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