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Example sentences for geek

They could use a good computer geek at the helm, though.
It's a relief to know we'll be able to speak geek (at least a little) throughout our worldly travels.
Call me a total geek, but I love syllabus writing.
Darwin emerges as a cross between twit and geek.
And I was not a geek but spent most of my early years playing team sports and had little time for studying.
When did we become geeks? According to a new study, our personalities were set back in grade school.
But before that he tapped his inner geek.
Just don't blame it on being a geek.
Though I'm no longer an engineer, it seems that my inner geek is here for the long haul.
In the modern age, the word "geek" is still derogatory.
That does not happen today as the entertainment industry portrays science and engineering as a "geek" paradise.
Finally, this perceived annoyance of having too many avatars because there are so many worlds is also a bit of a geek affectation.
It doesn't even have anything to do with whether you're a bookworm or a nerd or a geek.
It's great fun to geek out over formulas that can tell you averages or compile all your attendance for you.
He is neither a member of the founders' generation nor a geek.
Hall was impressively resourceful in playing three distinct iterations of the common geek.
We all the time are aware of wow this episode is going to make the diehard geek crowd really angry.
Her forthright and honest, not to mention scientifically accurate, answer established her geek status even before the pageant.
Abrams, the writer and director and presiding pop-culture guru-geek, is surely aware of the incongruity.
Zippers on jeans are so long that waistbands ride above the navel, geek style.
The terms nerd and geek were convenient shorthand used by other cliques to categorize us.
Space is full of images that make a geek's heart flutter.
Sorry, the old geek is closer than your calculation.
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