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Example sentences for frivolous

To deny it is to see in art only something frivolous and insincere.
It's not as though proofreading instructions are arbitrary and frivolous.
My opponent has fought efforts to reduce frivolous litigation.
The human animal is no more frivolous and irresponsible than fearful and lethargic.
They argue that cases could be strung along endlessly and expensively by frivolous appeals if there are no such limits.
Most of these stabs at nationhood have been frivolous and some crackpot.
He may be wrong, but it is not a frivolous observation.
There are real victims out there that would be marginalized because of the inevitable backlash this frivolous lawsuit has primed.
But when it comes to larger historical events, such speculations tend to seem frivolous and beside the point.
Sometimes eye stickers are used for more frivolous purposes.
For purposes of this section, an asylum application is frivolous if any of its material elements is deliberately fabricated.
She said contract counsel have little incentive to work on a frivolous appeal, other than being required by appointment to do it.

Famous quotes containing the word frivolous

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