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Example sentences for forum

The forum has been too much taken over to hysterics, paranoids, and boodlers on all sides.
It's a growing symptom of a deeper social problem that is better discussed in another forum.
Read our accompanying essay and add your thoughts to our forum.
They see social reform as the product of deals made in a central forum among diverse pressure groups.
The forum would have both near-term and long-term objectives.
Some organizers fear it will deteriorate further without their central forum.
They did not get my name from this discussion forum.
What thoughtful responses, reminiscent of forum posts of old.
Sarcasm, irony, even nuanced arguments etc do not translate well to this kind of forum.
It's also a lively forum for new ideas and a commemoration of the vitality of the art community.
It's a junk shop of human emotion and behavior, a forum for advanced people-watching.
Forensic science collects evidence for use in the courtroom, ie the public forum.
It is a forum for showing off your connections, your wealth and your influence.

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