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In his formulation he used geometry rather than the calculus.
The second part of that formulation explains both why planning won't work and why planning is necessary.
Question begging abounds in your formulation of the argument.
It is tempting to dismiss this trite formulation as a meaningless excuse for inaction.
But it's a funny formulation to say that the gap in demand is enough to explain our unemployment without a structural explanation.
It encouraged the formulation of national crime control master plans and national crime commissions.
However, as one catchy formulation has it, absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence.
In response to widespread outrage from customers, it reverted to the original formulation within three months.
Any society bound to make wrong moves and mistakes in policy formulation and implementation.
The sooner the better, because it will give them an opportunity to take part in the formulation of the structure.
These conditions are much more likely to appear in the formulation of industrial policy than, for instance, education.
Rawls' formulation implies that individuals are predominantly risk averse.
He seemed mesmerized by the oncoming pavement, or by some idea or formulation glimpsed in the immateriality beyond the pavement.
Some were quick to hear echoes of the past in that formulation.
Practical problems, in contrast, tend to require problem recognition and formulation.
Such a formulation does not accuse or demean the patient.
The apparent simplicity of this formulation clearly contains hidden dangers, but it seems to me workable.
Not an entirely new idea, though certainly the formulation is new.
It has long been held that arbitrators have a broad degree of discretion in the formulation of remedies.
So that formulation of the question is a red herring.
But when mixed up in formulation other things come into play.
One of the important contributions of these theorists was the formulation of what came to be called grand unified theories.
It's a formulation and summation of all that's out there.

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