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His grey eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually pale face was flushed and animated.
My eyes watered in their reflection and my cheeks flushed pink.
She was a lovely sight through my teary eyes, even with her face flushed from rushing.
When it's flushed, a valve opens, emptying the tank into the bowl.
When antidepressant pills get flushed down the drain, they do more than create happier sewers.
Finally, there is the liver, which turns fat-soluble poisons into watersoluble wastes that can be flushed out through our kidneys.
Once the pipe has been flushed, the water supply can be restored.
Heavy drinkers often have so many clots in their face and skin that their face looks unnaturally flushed.
After consumption, the nutrients are carelessly flushed into our waterways, eventually finding its way to our oceans.
The fact that excess salt is flushed from surface waters has global implications, some of them recognized two centuries ago.
Mama's face was flushed, and her hair escaped its bun to curl in damp tendrils as she dished up the breakfast plates.
Engineers flushed the domes with water to dissolve the salt, then pumped out the brine to create a nicely sealed cavern.
The entire crew should be flushed from the public sphere by laughter and ridicule.
When a toilet is flushed or a sink is turned on, the sensor detects the characteristic change in pressure.
There is one catch: the component to be flushed needs to be swished around in the toilet before it goes down.
It gets flushed out into an open lagoon, where it is stored until farmers can use it on what few crops they do grow.
Then an ear, nose and throat specialist put her on antibiotics and flushed out her sinuses.
All hoses must be stored off the ground, flushed thoroughly prior to use, and capped at both ends when not in use.
Pumping equipment and plumbing must be flushed and disinfected prior to each use.
Following line repairs, main lines will be flushed to remove air and sediment from the repaired section of line.
Then in the recharge phase, the concentrated sodium-rich salt solution from the brine tank is flushed through the mineral tank.
The utility wants to determine, however, whether the line needs to be flushed on a regular basis and what flush volume to use.
Unlike toilet paper, these products don't break down once they are flushed.
And these drugs are getting into our waterways and environment when they're flushed or thrown away.

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