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Example sentences for flirt

Except they don't, because these people are hired to flirt with you.
And he was, as his personal letters prove, an unrepentant flirt.
We talk about our lives, our research, and maybe even flirt a little.
There they argue, drink and flirt with each other, and try to avoid being voted out by viewers.
There's not a lot of joking, not a lot of flirting, because there's no one to joke and flirt with.
The three-story-high promenades in the center make fine places for students to flirt.
QE doesn't work and the bankers suspect it and don't want to flirt around with flamboyant use of it and then have it fail.
And it encourages voters to flirt with extremists, knowing they can make centrist parties their second preference.
If they want to flirt with the laws and mock the governance, they shall pay the price.
She licks her lips and lets her mouth fall open in the automatic fashion of a flirt.
Of course, it is natural that they want to flirt and gossip with one another.
Pretending to flirt, she says it's her first time visiting the statue.
They have seen plenty of their married peers flirt and have affairs and reconcile, or divorce and marry again.
Yet many reps are so friendly, so easygoing, so much fun to flirt with that it is virtually impossible to demonize them.
He didn't flirt with anyone, and he never did anything particularly outrageous.
They flirt, fight and enjoy a tryst that leaves the house a wreck.
He is a master of moving the dialogue along, an epicene flirt with a mustache who wears cashmere jackets and pastel socks.
In a bid for readers and advertising revenues, other outlets now flirt with racier, more inquisitive reporting.
One innovation is likely to have pleased the notorious flirt, though.
Many matchmaking apps exist, and now more apps to help singles flirt their way to romantic attachment are also popping up.
Why she should do so is not quite clear, except that she is a flirt.

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