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Example sentences for flap

The flap of the envelope should be plain and the point not unduly long.
The beasts trumpet loudly, flap their ears and turn in circles.
When hemorrhaging occurs on either flap, the normally flexible folds swell and impair proper functioning.
Once it nears the surface again, it can flap its tail and taxi without fully returning to the water.
Zipper-sealed flap protects your gear from the elements.
They don't need to flap their wings as often as smaller birds.
They also have a flap of skin on the bottom of their necks called a dewlap.
Expandable mesh pocket with flap-and-buckle closure.
When a water flea or some other small creature swims past, it bends trigger hairs on the bladder, causing a flap to open.
He put his pinkie in the hole and observed that a flap of canvas had been pushed back.
Here she is, bald-lifting the squeaky flap of her white rubber bathing hat to tuck out of sight strands of her livid hair.
They had to evolve the special arrangement of bones and muscles that makes it possible for birds to flap their wings.
It crawls around mud flats on a single foot, from which extends a round flap of sensitive skin.
Plus, our model featured a large sturdy flap that provided excellent protection and a neck snapping color pattern.
Flap your makeshift wooden wings to get more height, but your flaps are limited.
The throttle is a flap that lets air and fuel enter the engine.
The heavily nuanced legal flap surrounded instructions a federal judge had given to the jury.
Then close the flap and open again to move onto the next question.
The complex rod design uses levers to make the wing tips flap faster.
He had a big smile on his face, the medal hanging from the pocket flap of his uniform and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.
If a large area is biopsied, a skin graft or flap of normal skin may be used to replace the skin that was removed.
The flap of skin from the donor site includes the muscles and blood supply.
Then its miniature wings begin to flap as it slips under the door and darts along the street.

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