flake in a sentence

Example sentences for flake

These blisters can cause intense itching and scaly patches of skin that flake constantly or become red, cracked, and painful.
It's painted the original color of turquoise and white metal flake he interior matches the exterior.
Some consumers are wary of the coatings, and manufacturers do warn against ingesting the compounds if they start to flake off.
Both had full control of fire, diets heavily based on meat, and the ability to flake stone to make tools.
Armies of workers make sure that not a flake of snow sullies its surface in winter.
Moreover, they show flake scars, the marks that are left when a hammering tool chips bone.
But the illusion was brief, shattered by the mere touch of a single white flake--ash--singeing exposed skin.

Famous quotes containing the word flake

Fear not: that ultimate Star is frail, only a flake of snow, whirled in His breath.... more
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