flack in a sentence

Example sentences for flack

Flack resigned from the investigation the day after the vote.
They want to primary some rich guy in a suit who serves as a flack for the financial industry.
He was also a perpetual self-promoter who took flack for embellishing his exploits and hyping his accomplishments.
We also got a bit of flack on another occasion for including an attempt to do cladistics on sea monster reports.
We're all accustomed to catching flack for our work.
Flack was permitted to replace her tub once she dropped her quest to install a whirlpool tub, which can leak, the board said.
In fact, they usually get flack for it, particularly in high-profile cases.
If anything, they probably catch flack from their colleagues for wasting time on public outreach.
Either way, you are going to get some flack about a political view here.
He made a tough life-changing, career-changing decision and took some flack for it.
It's the statement of a flack, delivered by a robot.
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