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Example sentences for fellow

The reaction of his fellow officers was also typical.
Fellow underachievers, here is the bad news: they are.
After a day of hiking or riding, circle around a campfire for dinner with fellow pack-trippers.
She relieves the fellow and begins flapping my wrist and flexing my legs.
Creating a dissertation-support group made up of fellow doctoral students can enhance your productivity.
And it's always great to support a fellow beekeeper.
My attempt at humor had a small audience: fellow grad students in the rhetoric-and-composition program.
Plant your flags and stake out your turf now, my fellow technophiles.
See amazing trip photos and get valuable travel tips from your fellow readers.
Frogs and their fellow amphibians are disappearing worldwide and no one knows exactly why.
Here you'll see the little fellow take his hand off the bars to wave, and put both feet down on the floor.
Starting an environmental club at school is a great way to get fellow students involved in environmental issues.
But a fellow employee disputed the programmer's claims and said the meetings he described never took place.
We've all backed away from this fellow while vigorously nodding our heads in agreement.

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If you desire to drain to the dregs the fullest cup of scorn and hatred that a fellow human being can pour ... more
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