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Example sentences for favour

Your age and your lack of dependents work in your favour.
Many groups want governments to discriminate in their favour.
Evolution does not favour overly intelligent species, they always bring about their own extinction.
The weight of evidence looks definitely in favour of language now.
Thank all of your guests for coming with a small party favour.
Today, academia is up to its ears in political argumentation in favour of the wrong side.
At the moment, the terms of trade favour publishers too much.
If you are in favour of such a solution, why don't you start by eliminating yourself and your family.
Another example of parasites changing the psychology of the host to favour itself, even at the expense of the host's life.
Everyone pretends to be in favour of bipartisan dialogue, but it is a dialogue of the deaf.
Looking at this online output, the scientific output appears to have declined in favour of politics and not science.
Not necessarily for transport but food if the giant squid they favour are in these waters.
The rest of the world has abandoned science in favour of economics, law and so called monetary sciences.
Slightly over half of respondents across the region still favour the market economy.
It is, in fact, an irrational prejudice in favour of your way of life.
Eat that sort of stuff and you will do yourselves a big favour.
As many a philosopher has noted, the strongest points to be made in favour of a free political contest are negative.
There is also talk of tourist boycotts of countries that dare to vote in favour of whaling.
Encouraging take-up means shifting the overall cost of ownership to favour cleaner cars over ones powered by fossil fuels.
Those who were in favour of socialism were reluctant to call themselves socialists for fear of being unpopular.
It is driver-only travelling which should be discouraged in favour of car-sharing.
The party is trying to win favour with private businessmen.
So the only elections that count are the primaries, which tend to favour the pure of ideology.
The survey is based on ratings from big firms of the countries they favour for foreign investment.
Those in favour of plant modification often argue that the new techniques are really no different from traditional plant-breeding.
These days, the human-handprint theory of the leopard's spots has fallen out of favour.
Two further developments are shifting the balance of advantage in favour of size.
Big saloon cars are being driven off the nation's driveways in favour of family-friendly people-carriers and runarounds.
Moreover, more people than before are now strongly in favour of animal experimentation.
Not to admit it were to suspend a critical insight in favour of a strictly formal procedure.
Not only that, but you have no actual evidence in your favour.
Actually, the dept and college were both unanimous in favour, as expected.
If it is going to be an asymmetric bet then it should be asymmetric in my favour.
Said of persons who wheedle some favour out of another.
And yet if you look at it more closely, this does not prove the case in favour of the rising and against the progressive motion.

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