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My father, an executive with a consumer products company, said I should start putting on magic shows and charge for them.
To me, it seemed like a no-brainer for any executive who loves baseball.
Nine schools stand out for their custom courses in executive education.
It seemed as if everyone rejoiced at the election of our first chief executive except the man himself.
Learn more about this acclaimed cookbook author and executive chef.
As chief operating officer, the executive director is responsible for the administration of all operations and programs.
Corporate scandals and falling share prices have forced companies to rethink their executive-compensation schemes.
When a bill is approved by both chambers, a law is enacted and sent to the executive for its promulgation.
He can no longer claim executive privilege and withhold meeting minutes.
As you probably know, the president handed down an executive order .
Over the past few decades executive pay has risen dramatically.
So said a veteran executive as he announced his surprise retirement last month.
Hoarding cash for a rainy day was seen as a failure of executive imagination.
One university official put his executive's pay in a different context, raising a question about societal values.
And if you say no its because you do not work for a large corporation and have a executive position.
Many business scholars have grown skeptical of the idea of chief executive as superhero.
He would stay a year as executive chairman, said an advisor, and then do something else.
The chief executive has to have the ability and authority to function.
The executive and judiciary are enough of a check to keep a country or state from falling apart.
And woe to any studio executive who got too close to the lion's cage.
We should construct a modern government in which the separation of legislative, judicial, and executive power is guaranteed.
Big investors are pressuring companies to let them have some input on executive compensation.
The irony surrounding his support for the chief executive and his own current state of affairs is apparently lost on him.
Links to current and revoked executive orders addressing federal green purchasing.
They erupted between a member of the tollway's board and the agency's chief executive.

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