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Indeed this is an important reason for celebration, but not a corollary good excuse for complacency.
The juror should write a letter to the clerk of court requesting an excuse with an explanation of hardship.
The only thing that has changed is the excuse used to limit intellectual exchange.
And sunsets are a perfect excuse for shooting silhouettes.
Scientific uncertainty often becomes an excuse to ignore long-term problems, such as climate change.
The excuse is that the collision, if there is one, won't happen for another three or four billion years.
It used to be that a good excuse for not growing edibles was lack of room.
Cell-phone users who want to get out of work or a dreaded dinner date now have a handy excuse.
Many colleges cite lack of money and poor student preparation as an excuse for appalling failure rates.
Plus, as someone else said, it would only be an excuse to relax on the anti-pollution measures.
They give me the excuse because they make good subjects.
Or that's my excuse anyway for posting so many recipes in what is supposed to be a garden blog.
It is tempting to dismiss this trite formulation as a meaningless excuse for inaction.
Yawning demonstrating excessive fatigue is something that can be forgiven if you have the politeness to beg excuse for that.
He didn't even have the excuse of needing the money.
Becoming strategic is no excuse for boards to overlook the need to raise money.
As a result, a new excuse to fail to agree was found.
Fishing is a perfect excuse to get the family out, and into the water.
But that shouldn't be used as an excuse to seek its retirement.
The county is consistently chasing after people's property under one excuse after another.
And, since there's still a pane missing, now they have an excuse to own another dog.
Thanksgiving puts serious demands on any cook, and therefore makes a great excuse to invest in the latest cooking gadgets.
There is no excuse for violence, looting, and criminality.
Democracy is important but it should not be used as an excuse not to act in the middle of an emergency.
Energy-conscious households have no excuse when it comes to illumination.
Persuasion may be potent, but it is not helpful to allow people to excuse themselves for not making a better decision.
You'd always be looking for an excuse to walk down this side yard.
My excuse is that winter is a-coming and any way of getting cyclists to brighten up their rides is a good one.
But now it is invoked less often as an excuse to avoid doing something that would otherwise make sense.
Fulfilling your duties as a scientist does not excuse you from your duties as a member of the human community.
They've actually kind of been looking for an excuse.
If staff find left luggage and keep it, that's theft and there's no excuse for it.
The livestock and grocery industries use this as an excuse to raise their prices.
Being the editor in chief of the best tech magazine means he doesn't really have an excuse.
There is zero excuse too not extend these incentives.
We're sure the cut-ups at the service which wants to make everyone an expert are having their fun, and will excuse ours.
Biological determinism in its more aggressive guises seems little more than an excuse for eugenics.
Lack of time is not a valid excuse for lack of research, in my opinion.
No, there is no excuse for a demand for official records on the first round of application.
Yet a crackdown on crime is not an excuse for racism.
Any excuse to celebrate an anniversary is seized upon and milked for all it is worth.
Yet these delusions of recovery have been an excuse for doing nothing as the jobs crisis festers.
There is no excuse for the behavior of the university administration regarding this matter.
Overreliance on computers and calculators is no excuse for not learning multiplication tables.
It's also possible that he simply did not know what kind of written excuse would count.
Your article was a breath of fresh air, excuse the pun.
Everyone knows that a wedding is an excuse to give a party, sure, but it's also an opportunity to take a vacation.
Increasing the size of the pool is not an excuse for a deceptive job description.
But they use the excuse that the subject header is adequate.
If this is the best excuse he has to offer, silence would be much more discreet.
Then you could set you phone to vibrate and it it rings, excuse yourself for a moment and step into the hallway.
There is no excuse for inviting so many candidates for a single slot, and asking them all to pay their own way.
Maybe it's your deep self-loathing that makes you want to bring everyone and everything else down, but that's no excuse.
Besides, no good excuse exists for consistent failure to do your job.
It's an excuse for anyone and everyone who makes stuff for cars to go absolutely nuts.
Although the old regalia undid my excuse for missing the ceremony, they stirred something inside me.
Calls for fairer trade should not turn into an excuse for protectionism.
Culture also acquires a section, which provides an excuse to write about ageing rock stars.
If that works, then civilian applications beckon, and local authorities will have yet another excuse not to fix the roads.
Please excuse my delay and feel free to do the same.
The tension gives both countries an excuse to spend more on guns and spies, some to be turned on domestic enemies.
Regardless, there is no excuse for treating staff members as anything less than our co-workers.
In the past the government used the presidential veto as an excuse for inaction.
As a slogan it is often used as an excuse for the rich not to act.
There's no excuse for this kind of distracted driving.
There is absolutely no excuse for strife and racism.
Above all, watermen say, the festival is an excuse to don hip boots and gunning jackets and tramp out to the marshes again.
Seriously, the piece was a great excuse to spend quality time with some of my favorite works of art.
And the holidays are a great excuse to stock up on movies.
Neither race nor color nor frustration is an excuse for either lawlessness or anarchy.
Absent none without blame, present none without excuse.
It is felt at once that a writer who will break the principle with so little excuse as here will shrink from nothing.
Let him know that twenty faults are sooner to be forgiven than the straining of truth to cover any one by an excuse.
Though the versions thus differ from the works, which are their excuse, they are bound together by marked resemblances.
When students are being disciplined violent, cruel and thoughtless behavior, don't lecture them that being drunk is no excuse.
Where content is already electronic, there's really no good excuse for it being inaccessible.
Each of these events will provide an excuse to repeat all the partisan posturing of the past few months.
The notion that its rivals were perhaps doing the same thing is no excuse.
We have no excuse for giving away all our money to third party publishers.
Yet despite the excuse of bad weather and the flakiness of the figure, it still came as a palpable shock.
Hence, poverty cannot be accepted as a valid excuse for looting and rioting.
But this does not excuse those pundits and politicians, who have a responsibility to engage such questions intellectually.
Don't give such an excuse as that for your impertinence.
But you don't need an alibi-or an excuse-to visit one of the country's fastest growing metropolitan areas.
For me, it gave me an excuse to look a little closer at the world and find some beauty in unexpected places.
Moms across the country are using charity as an excuse to squeeze back into their old prom dresses.
He was mad and even more annoyed with the pathetic excuse about not being able to send e-mails.
Three chapters from the book are also online, so now there's no excuse to keep it off your radar.
You'll have to excuse me, but my skepticism is prickling.
Liberty should not be abused and used as an excuse for negatively impacting our society.
That's a myth that is perpetuated to excuse away laziness.
But it is one of the best rosé wines on the planet, so any excuse to find a bottle is a good one.
Cars were invented, meaning you had no excuse for not traveling across town.
Then planes removed any excuse to not travel across the country.
They're ignored, and the excuse given is that they can't win.
The only excuse for having bad credit is not being able to afford your debt.
When every position you apply for draws hundreds of applications, they are looking for any excuse to eliminate people.
These facts do no excuse or explain bad prosecuting decisions by anyone at any level.
The attempt to understand why is not the same as the attempt to excuse.
There should no longer be a viable excuse for not combining sustainability and outstanding aesthetics and function in any space.
He walked out on two wives, without even a lame excuse.
The proximity of the presidential election is hardly an excuse, since none of the committee members is running.
The findings could give you an easy excuse for failed diet attempts.
There was week after week of increasingly ridiculous angles to provide an excuse to post that photo again.
Some people use the feeble excuse that they don't produce enough energy.
There is no excuse for his degrading and inhumane pretrial punishment.
The explosions were needed only as an initial excuse for these actions.
Some historians see them as an excuse to parade credentials.
Karadzic used the loss of the towns as the excuse to announce his unexpected changes in the high command.
There is no excuse or acceptable argument for abusing and exploiting children as combatants.
She does no better in her letter, preferring to take cover behind the claim of confidentiality-a lame excuse in any language.
The public went along, accepting the excuse that a little tyranny was necessary to protect the population.
But there is no excuse for the denial of due process to these prisoners.
Much later he refused to accept the excuse for inaction offered by his blindness.
Before leaving, you should excuse yourself and-what you are going to do.
Cap the meal with a sublime treacle pudding and you could almost excuse the kitchen's blunders.
In a book that pretends to be all about firmness, though, this is not a good excuse.
Services were long, and she always found some excuse to get away.
But past error is no excuse for its own perpetration.
Similar to the charity fund-raisers, the magazine gave him the excuse to do the first painting.
Slipping off the mortal coil is no excuse for slacking off.
There is no excuse for such insensitive and bigoted language.
But if you want to tighten that belt holding up your jeans, money is no excuse.
You're an excuse for a guardian to kids who were bullied.
It implies strongly that he used the precocious puberty diagnosis as an excuse to prescribe the drug.
Basically admit your side is wrong then excuse it by saying the other side is wronger.
She ended up needing to have her whole bowel removed, and now craps in a bag, if you will please excuse the expression.
But science journalists really don't have an excuse.
She has health insurance so there's no excuse for not bringing him to the doctors and giving him other peoples prescriptions.
Physicists have a good excuse for huddling under the streetlight when they are pushing at the limits of human understanding.
But if the news about you gets out, they can come up with some phony excuse.
No excuse me, but the call is more important than everything and everybody here.
The scientists have been trotting out this lame excuse for decades.
The long time period necessary to make renewable energy king isn't an excuse to ignore the need.
One pinhole in its surface is all the excuse a bubble needs to collapse.
That's not an excuse to simply ignore the development of alternative energy solutions.
Planning ahead is an excuse not to do what you're called to do right now.
If you are eligible for an excuse, please mark the correct category on the summons response form.
When you get to a courtroom, the judge may excuse you from a specific case.
Enclosed with your summons mail-out, you will find an excuse form that you can use to submit your excuse in writing.
The court, at times, may grant a partial excuse or defer you from the entire term.
Enclosed in your summons mail-out you will find an excuse form that you can use to submit your excuse in writing.
The jury clerk will notify you of the decision regarding your request for excuse.
Attached to your juror booklet you will find an excuse form that you can use to submit your excuse in writing.

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