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The historical debate is as hot, and unsettled, as ever.
The rapidly spreading disease affects more people than ever before.
Hardly anybody involved in this movie had ever made one before, including me.
In the past several years, hoodies have become much more of an outlet for creative expression than ever before.
For all the concern expressed about the imminent demise of the college library, librarians are needed more than ever.
Formation of an ocean is a rare event, one few scientists have ever witnessed.
Rouse says with this pretty pattern to look at her second story view is better than ever.
We traveled further and controlled more land in a few weeks than what has ever been achieved in military history.
Don't even try unless you are adding a lot more value than the average daily newspaper ever did.
If you ever wanted to grow up to be a dinosaur hunter, now is the time to do it.
He's old enough to collect social security, yet he appears stronger and more hip than ever.
No interviews for post-doc positions have ever been held in the history of the post-doc.
Companies which do this may find that they create large, useless databases full of information that nobody ever uses.
The biggest squid ever caught has begun defrosting in a huge tank.
If you ever have time, try making your granola from scratch.
Yet it is finding it ever harder to persuade residents to pay for them.
The particles that once seemed impossibly esoteric have become ever more informative.
It is also the largest, by far, public work ever put on view.
Your mission is more important today than ever before.
With the economy expected to get worse before it gets better, many students will struggle more than ever to pay for college.
By peering deep into the early universe, astronomers have edged ever closer to an answer.
In the meantime, don't ever call or contact me again.
Astronomers believe they may have discovered the first planet ever detected in another galaxy.
He's been bitter ever since his family got forced off the plantation.
Ten years ago two teams discovered that the universe will expand forever at an ever faster rate, thanks to an unseen energy.
Americans today choose among more options in more parts of life than has ever been possible before.
Don't ever tell a copy editor that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.
Physics has progressed by making ever more accurate measurements of their values.
The universe is a complicated place, to put it mildly, and scientists are working harder than ever to explain its mysteries.
And identifying the minerals is key to understanding whether water ever played over them.
In short, it erases all the signs that a big bang ever occurred.
It is to remain for that posterity now and for ever.
Hath done us too much good, whose kindness ever stays.
But the promise of hydrogen-powered personal transport seems as elusive as ever.
The current profit-reporting season is shaping up to be one of the best ever.
Workers more obese, burning fewer calories than ever before.
Drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis are at the highest rates ever recorded.
Bare-root strawberries have to be among the best bargains ever.
With relentless determination, the cloud draws ever closer, and in its fiery embrace an enormous city appears.
Scientists share the first-ever recordings of deep-sea species.
If you ever had chicken pox, you have this virus alive in you right now.
Drooping ears is a feature that does not ever occur in the wild, except for in elephants.
Calling it perhaps the best movie ever made is simple-minded.
Physicists imagined neutrinos long before they ever found any.
She did better than all the guys around her could have ever dreamed.
These ancestral creatures were stranger than anyone ever expected.
And how they ever found the place, whether by design or accident, is yet another unresolved question.
The site is remote enough that only a few archaeologists had ever been there.
Even if a complete skeleton is ever found, it is not likely to represent the largest member of this genus.
No president has ever relied so extensively on the stealthy, secret killing of individuals on the battlefield.
Lunge-feeding may have allowed whales to become the biggest animals ever to roam the planet.
Despite five decades of null results and chronic underfunding, he and his colleagues are more upbeat than ever.
Physicists also speak of a thermodynamic arrow of time along which physical systems invariably become ever more disordered.
Paleontologists discover what may be the oldest fossilized bacteria ever found, but questions remain.
But this bridge is across time, so once they do it they can't go back, ever.
Her fame consisted of an ever-widening swath of ardor and awe that she left in her wake whenever she sang.
Your dog could go for years without ever encountering another dog.
If cartoons are ever to break into the fine art marketplace we'll have to come up with more arcane terminology.
There is no longer any doubt-not that there ever truly was.
Radio stations, relying heavily on market research, launched new programming that grew ever more predictable and bland.
These new materials have mechanical properties similar to metal alloys and are the toughest ceramics ever made.
If you've ever used a chemical hand warmer, you'll be familiar with sodium acetate.
Some snow flakes shapes are so complex that no computer model has ever been able to generate them.
The open-source movement is the largest threat the software giant has ever faced.
The results would be downloaded and decrypted without ever exposing the details of a single e-mail.
Parents have more control than ever before over how popular culture influences their kids.
He has worked almost exclusively with small companies and startups ever since.
The notion that there was ever a fair amount of preparatory work to be done prior to taking a photograph will be alien to them.
If there's ever a meal to steal the culinary spotlight, this is it.
Colón is by no means absent from history textbooks, of course, but in them he seems ever less admirable and important.
There are cooks selling shares in restaurants before the first pot of water ever boils.
Apple crisp is one of those desserts that will never, ever go out of style.
Zombies, as any cultural critic who's ever written about zombie movies will tell you, are metaphors.
But never, ever has a waiter commiserated with me about the lack of service.
She's been through a lot without ever having a meltdown.
No one had ever prepared this deeply outside of world championship matches.
It is, as it sounds, the strangest travel book ever written.

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