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It lets students who have signed up for the service call for a virtual police escort late at night if they're walking home alone.
But on the streets outside the governor's building, uniformed police venture out only under an army escort.
Two guides escort up to eight participants-including beginners-into grizzly territory, searching for scat and tracks.
The other good news is that our liquid nitrogen did arrive today, thanks to two escort cars that made it through the protesters.
And occasionally-as seen in this photograph taken today-she has to escort him outside.
Nonetheless, the transport ship will still presumably need an escort to navigate such perilous waters.
Armed police do sometimes escort groups home for a visit.
The piracy means that warships have to escort ships bringing food.
Suddenly, however, one of the escort vessels turned and headed straight for the submarine.
He had em all scared that they offered to escort people to their cars.
WE were told to not go out without escort for safety.
But, the eccentric outdoorsman said, the motor escort lasted only half the trip.
At first glance, the case against four people accused of running an online escort business seemed routine.
In other words, instead of you personally making an appearance on a website, you allow the proxy server to escort you in its name.
They should also not escort him outside the prison walls.
Now was heard again the clangor of the music, and the measured tramp of the military escort, issuing from the church-door.
Now, in this moment of crisis, he volunteers to escort the sick all the way down.
Law enforcement escort refers to a government vehicle used for the express purpose as an escort vehicle for extra-legal vehicles.
When required by the permit, a properly equipped and properly operated escort vehicle is required on the highways listed below.

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