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From it the veins commence and emerge from the organ at the same place as that at which the arteries enter.
Those of us lucky enough to enter network television out of college always felt out of place.
Let them work for awhile, or enter the military, or learn a trade or skill.
The nation looks likely to enter a long period of malaise.
Enter any names, dates and places you already know into an online family tree.
Enter through a blue gate into a walled patio where water gurgles from low fountains.
If for any reason you can't see the form or it doesn't work for you, you can enter here instead.
Many defaulted loans enter repayment at a later date, so it is not a full loss.
But it will likely be a long wait for foreign companies wanting to enter with a controlling stake in retail or legal services.
Each time he visited one of these bungalows, he had to use one pathway to enter and another to leave.
How do you sign up to enter to be in the chili cookoff.
There will be no charge to enter the contest and registration will be open to teams across the globe.
It is what it is, and new students need to enter with their eyes open to it.
Sneak-and-peek warrants allow investigators to enter and search a suspect's house without informing him for several weeks.
Enter robots with personality, capable of developing emotional relationships with humans.
One in four does not realize that a response is required to enter an inquiry pool.
When you fall asleep, you enter an alternative state of consciousness-a time when true inspiration can strike.
The site will then prompt you to enter in your name as well as other email addresses you might use to organize your travel.
It is one of several structures too tainted to enter and, for the moment, too expensive to tear down.
To enter the contest, comment below with your thoughts on how the movie compared to the comic books.
Voters enter their votes via a touch-screen interface.
Check out the rest of the article to see how to enter.
Such self-healing composites may take a while to enter everyday use.
Enter the snapdragon: not popular on menus, but great at producing flavonoids.
Foreign dairy manufacturers scrambled to enter the market.
The latter students tend to be older and typically enter with some college credits under their belt.
It is a system where the first time you enter a good, a bad, and a mediocre paper.
But anything more than that will really depend on the field you want to enter.
Current students and those who enter next fall will not be affected by the policy change.
Enter some coins in the espresso maker and a freshly brewed cup magically appears.
Many collaterals from the reticular formation and from the pyramids enter the inferior olivary nucleus.
It is not difficult to see that the notions which he has expelled often re-enter unbidden.
Near its upper border there is a depression through which the two ejaculatory ducts enter the prostate.
Filaments from these branches enter the lesser omentum, and join the hepatic plexus.
No one could enter the charmed circle of his friendship without feeling the mastery of his personality.
For a quick overview to learn how to enter, watch the video, below.
And note that leaving a comment on this article will not enter you in the giveaway.
We'll notify the winner via email, so be sure to enter a valid address.
When piranhas enter into a confrontation they'll make a barking noise.
When you have snapped a picture, you can swipe right to enter your camera roll.
Producers of commodities enter into futures contracts to hedge their risk, but need a party to take the other side.
After that, the material would enter the public domain so that anyone could reproduce it.
Viewers can enter sweepstakes, find nearby shops and play branded games.
The world of real work they eventually enter is not the world of stable, long-term jobs that previous generations knew.
Healthier children are likely to stay in school longer and learn more, earning more when they enter the workforce.
The box had an opening big enough for the seal to put his head in, but not large enough for him to enter completely.
All the candidates sit in a room while one by one they enter the door for either the presentation or the interview.
It's a controversial policy, though, as some fear corruption could enter into the admissions process.
But do make sure you enter on the step that you are eligible for.
Honestly, of utmost importance to encourage minorities to enter into the sciences, is to hire more minority faculty.
They will enter a world where gatekeepers are often misinformed as well.
But once you enter the realm of unit-level administration, your freedom to spend money as if it were your own diminishes markedly.
Instead the two diamonds enter an entangled state in which they share one phonon between them.
With enough shade, maybe enough water would stick around to allow real life to enter back into the region.
But the vitamin cannot enter bacterial cells and thus bacteria must make their own.
Enter solar leasing, in which homeowners pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for solar panels and maintenance.
There is a lot of disagreement over how much native wages fall when immigrants enter the labor market.
To read this gorgeous bolt of fiction is to fully enter a world.
They're still iterating toward a better way to enter the boxes without disrupting the interior environment.
After all, there tends to be some correlation between the number of customers that enter a store and merchandise sold.
Many were determined not to allow the hired surveyors, or even our own people, to enter the deepest bush.
But they still face significant obstacles as they strive to enter the financial mainstream.
The flames were already beginning to enter the corridor through the loges from the auditorium.
The term for such poor comportment-flaming-became one of the first bits of net jargon to enter common usage.
Every nation condemns conquest, and every nation with power to enter upon career of conquest rushes eagerly upon it.
None of the anti-noise companies has plans to enter the private-household market directly any time soon.
It's true that they broke the law to enter the country.
He nodded for me to enter the safe, which was the size of a small room and could have been a bomb shelter.
It's barely seven in the morning, and already there's a long line of people waiting to enter.
The element of time does not really enter in a first contact with a painting.
Seven couples enter: four featured pairs, plus three backups.
Goldsmith is so extraordinarily buoyant and extroverted that he seems to enter a room in a tinkle of magic dust.
Their fantasy world is one that they enter partly to find comfort.
We enter the hubbub of the school dance, for instance, through a sort of hanging garden of paper roses.
If you have already registered on this site, please enter that information below.
Future teachers have a strong academic education for three years, then enter a two-year master's degree program.
These sites and stations, in turn, could enter into relationships with daily newspapers.
Prisoners who enter prison without physical and mental illnesses often develop them while inside.
Later this year another viral vector, this time using a virus called adenovirus, will enter advanced clinical testing.
If you want to know whether your flight is on time, you can enter your flight number and get the answer up top.
Inside the body, the tubes enter various types of cell.
The company sends them a verification code that they enter into a keypad on the battery pack.
Bottom line: as more new drugs enter human trials, a crisis is brewing.
The world is about to enter a period of unprecedented investment in nuclear power.
As more researchers enter the field, though, heavy shoveling is required to unearth good results.
Modern science shows that fluoride can enter the brain and cause damage.
When the protein sees the light, it opens up and allows ions to enter the neuron, making it fire.
Users were asked log in once a week to enter their weight and the amount of exercise they'd done.
Please enter your subscriber name and address exactly as it appears on current notices.

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