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Example sentences for engrossed

It has been engrossed and encased in a leather covering.
Apparently the university was too engrossed in planning to notice that the dean was sometimes away on job interviews.
The entire country has been engrossed by the spectacle.
In bars and caf├ęs, people are often so engrossed in conversation that they are unaware of the camera.
Engrossed as she was in her iPod, however, she didn't notice us.
As other patrons become engrossed in conversations or the paper, calmly lift the camera to your eye and make your exposure.
But after an hour, airport officials had to urge them to leave, so engrossed were they in sharing memories.
He certainly doesn't always do that, especially when he is engrossed in something.
It is in no way surprising, therefore, that an increasing number of able authors have become engrossed with the subject.
Graduate students are ordinarily a quiet insular lot, engrossed in esoteric pursuits.
Time does seem to slow to a trickle during an empty afternoon and race when the brain is engrossed in challenging work.
As a medieval history buff, he had become engrossed with crossbows and their trigger mechanisms.
Present for a show early in the first term, a magazine writer reported the president unusually engrossed.
So engrossed did he become that during his first eight years out of law school, he did not take a bar exam.
He is too engrossed in a conversation that he turns into a dialogue.
It's clearly easier to come up to speed when you're in an environment that is already engrossed in that particular area.
What engrossed me was his way of shaping phrases into cogent arcs and sections, and bringing out the music's narrative urgency.

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