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Find someone who will lose weight with you or encourage you along the way.
We encourage creativity and the capacity for individual discovery through smart fun.
Mint should be harvested aggressively to encourage fresh growth.
We should not encourage the movement, for it needs no encouragement.
In addition, we support and encourage our suppliers to operate in accordance with our high standards.
To encourage it, water it only when the surface of the soil is dry.
More countries should encourage their citizens to participate in the exploration of the cosmos.
Another advance would be to encourage car-sharing, to attain far greater energy savings.
It seems to encourage people to maintain a childlike state of purity.
She has her doubters who don't believe in her, but she also has her supporters who encourage her.
Encourage them to stay in the garden by setting out plants to feed and shelter them.
To encourage visits from a wide variety of birds, a large portion of the garden area surrounding the pond was left unpaved.
There's no food service, but a dozen tables and chairs encourage drop-in tasters.
Cut out flowering stems to encourage leaf production.
Apply enough water to wet the entire root zone and to encourage deep rooting.
Then, over time, increase the depth of the water and decrease the frequency to encourage a deeper root system and stronger tree.
By selectively focusing a portion of the view, the columns encourage you to pay closer attention.
To encourage even grazing, position waterers and feeders away from their home and throughout the grazing area.
We encourage visitors to explore the material culture of the past to better understand its relevance to the present.
The exhibit is staffed with volunteers trained to encourage dialog and reflection.
The space is designed to inspire, engage, and pique curiosity and encourage visitors to express their own creativity.
The managers approached us to design a mascot who could encourage fans to bring their families to the games.
In my junior year of high school, my guidance counselor did his best to encourage me to pursue a career in art education.
Welfare does not encourage illegitimacy: the rates for out-of-wedlock births are increasing in all income levels.
The publication of official statistics was curtailed, for fear that it would encourage civil servants to meddle.
Not the kind of thing to encourage anyone to make friends with fungi.
The bank suggests that phasing out the household-registration system would encourage more people to move to the city.
Even more controversially, he has suggested they encourage social mobility.
Studies suggest tax-favoured retirement accounts essentially divert existing saving or encourage only modest new saving.
Such a rule might encourage employers not to hire at all, for fear of legal action.
The government says the new tax will encourage a shift to more fuel-efficient cars.
Grants for college students did little to encourage them to stay after graduation.
Taxes must be low enough to encourage investment, but high enough to raise revenues.
Electricity subsidies encourage expensive pumping of scarce water.
Expectations of lower future taxes and higher lifetime earnings may encourage investment and spending.
Now the government is trying to attract them back, and to encourage younger talent to consider a scientific career.
To avoid legal complications, companies often encourage students to work in exchange for academic credits from their college.
High oil prices could encourage outsize demands for government spending.
So let us encourage individuals at home and nations abroad to do more for themselves, to decide more for themselves.
All the engagements fought ought to have served to encourage the enemy.
But you don't need symbolic facilities to encourage them to ride.
Some hospitals encourage handwashing by posting signs that tell docs a simple scrub will prevent them from getting sick.
Encourage smoking, say climate change is a fiction, do all you can to encourage the idiots to drive the species to extinction.
It was designed to encourage solar energy by residential and commercial property owners.
But the findings should encourage overweight people to try dieting even if they're concerned that they won't stick with it.
And he showed that when success depends on fair play, higher testosterone levels encourage cooperation instead of aggression.
The foundation also runs award programs that encourage development of commercial space flight and other technologies.
It's simple enough for anyone to play, but also deep enough to encourage extended experimentation.
Paying attention to the sidewalk can create sustainable cities, neighborhoods that encourage all of us to walk.
During the past decade, furniture designers have tried to part the sea of cubicles and encourage sociability-without going nuts.
Then they could publicize the sales figures daily to encourage geek parents to buy the version they want to win for their kids.
But holiday gifts that might encourage healthful habits in others are a touchy business.
Some campsites have room for horses, while others encourage exploration on foot or bike.
Local people team up to protect their natural and cultural heritage and encourage responsible tourism.
Encourage them to think about the far-reaching effects of habitat destruction and species loss.
Parks created partly to encourage tourism to the area and globalization contributes to the presence of tourism in these parks.
Encourage students to notice that these areas tend to have a moderate climate, arable land, and proximity to oceans.
Encourage students to add questions that may have been generated from the discussion.
Some aid programs encourage farmers in developing countries to cultivate food for export instead of local consumption.
The magazine features artwork and photographs to encourage creativity and freedom of expression.
Even if they are unfamiliar with their state outside of their town or immediate area, encourage them to guess.
Encourage students to think about what happens to the land, plants, and animals when people need more space to live.
Encourage students to carefully consider both the costs and benefits of this topic while debating.
Then encourage students to think about forest fires, or wildfires.
Distribute the materials to students or groups and encourage them to shape their clay into mountains.
Encourage students to use context clues as they read.
Encourage each group to sketch a map showing the areas affected by the environmental problem.
Intended to promote the growth of plants, fertilizers also encourage the growth of algae, called eutrophication.
Encourage students to keep the subhead in mind as they read each section.
To help students summarize after reading, encourage them to flag important ideas in the article with sticky notes.
Encourage kids to note the color and diversity of these flags.
Encourage them to chime in when they recognize the high-frequency words.
These activities encourage students of all ages to learn about the cultural heritage in their own communities.
Encourage a discussion about the thoughtful use of both renewable and nonrenewable resources.
Letting other adults experience life as a student might encourage them to enroll.
Universities require communal spaces that encourage people to spend time together.
Encourage students to consider the long-term implications of their behavior.
Creating a flat rate for summer tuition that would encourage students to take more courses over the summer.
But the pamphlet is also for the general public, to tell them more about street food and encourage them to value it more highly.
Low rates might encourage debt pay-down, but certainly encourage spending.
Another, for older kids, is to encourage them to make better choices.
The last thing these companies want is to encourage leisurely reading or slow, concentrated thought.
Pursuit of the four pillars would encourage improved health in the general population and reduce mortality and chronic diseases.
The justices will hear a case on whether universities can encourage diversity.
First, it will encourage good behavior on the part of the borrower to continue paying.
Encourage people to work longer and take more responsibility for their own retirement.
Plus all defined benefit programs encourage counterproductive behavior on the part of beneficiaries.
One principle is to encourage small steps, especially at the beginning.
They encourage, rather than frown on, active note-taking.
They would also do away with taxes on capital gains and interest to encourage more investment and more savings.
We not only expect them to use other nations as changeable scrims in the theater of domestic politics but encourage them to do so.
It did encourage kindness and affection, but it simultaneously encouraged cruelty and hatred.
They should encourage the immigration of unskilled labor.
And let's encourage doctors and patients to get what works.
They can also encourage students to form too narrow an idea of what the culture of their country and their world consists in.
To recognize situations where it is appropriate to encourage users to retain service.
The question now is whether those interconnections will encourage reconciliation, or all the more remorseless fratricide.
Green had won a school election, and a neighbor wanted to encourage her.
Overconfidence matters, because it can encourage excess trading.
But the doubles and triples are pure messy pleasure, with dripping juices that encourage fast eating.
Our collection is meant to encourage and deepen philosophical reflection on the topic.
Their aim is to encourage innovation and succession.
Some companies encourage their customers to modify their merchandise.
But the megacity doesn't encourage social responsibility and collective action to improve public life.
If you know a student who might be a candidate, encourage them to apply.
But these studies only hint at the conditions that encourage cells to stay in groups.
Instead, colleges need to encourage students to engage in the practice of education rather than to seek shortcuts.
Hence the true scientist should always encourage inquiry in all directions.
He argues that normal patterns of dispersal actually encourage inbreeding.
The walls don't sweat, though, and the air is dry enough to encourage chapped lips.
They unintentionally encourage others to disprove their beliefs the stronger they argue for their point of view.
Natural selection should therefore encourage mothers in poor condition to bear daughters and those in prime shape to have sons.
Spend more money on urban infrastructure to encourage people and businesses to stay close together.
The health-care industry is using games to encourage better choices.
Drugs that encourage the growth of new neurons in the brain are now headed for clinical trials.
The goal is to encourage the bone to grow into the metal, similar to what happens after joint replacement surgeries.
The company hopes to encourage media organizations to submit traffic data by offering basic services free.
And prices have been far too low to encourage a big shift away from conventional technologies.
The government can offer tax incentives to the companies to encourage the setting up of charging stations.
They feared it would encourage premature decisions and their promulgation before careful review.
The exciting question was whether the glial cells might encourage regrowth of spinal-cord neurons.
Games are being used to train and manage employees, as well as to encourage customer loyalty and reduce health-care costs.
Encourage children to drink water instead of sweet drinks.
On the one hand, you want to encourage a fan following.
Because it does encourage and embrace the underdog, as opposed to being cut down if you don't look a certain way.
But the administration hopes to encourage our spendthrift ways.
The show may encourage mainstream dialogue about art by lessening the quiet concern many feel when asked to discuss it.
If you create a small pond to encourage frogs and toads, they will help mop up the rest of your slug life.
My mom would always encourage us to put on plays and that sense of pretend was always there.
Systematic job discrimination and measures to encourage emigration.
The tests widely used today often rely too much on multiple-choice questions, which encourage guessing rather than thinking.
On the other hand they don't want to encourage people to do this sort of thing regularly, for equally obvious reasons.
So we've seen a chain of journalists get punished for, essentially, doing a little too much of what news outlets now encourage.

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