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Morticians employ fillers to restore a corpse's shape, and when they're done you cannot tell that an autopsy has been performed.
Most development offices employ professionals whose jobs do not directly involve raising money.
Greeting cards employ topical humor to compete with e-mail offerings.
Our brains are belief engines that employ association learning to seek and find patterns.
There are several methods you can employ to hide your e-mail address from spam .
Many of the artists here employ innovative techniques.
Universal laws employ language.
The two owners will initially employ one or two part-timers.
Public accounting firms employ about a third of all accountants.
While in groups, animals from birds to mongooses employ a lookout that makes a sound every few seconds to signal that all's well.
He gives few interviews, doesn't employ a publicist, and has never advertised his line.
In this posture, a platypus can remain submerged for a minute or two and employ its sensitive bill to find food.
House cats employ a vocal repertoire that extends from a purr to a screech.
On a much larger scale, solar thermal power plants employ various techniques to concentrate the sun's energy as a heat source.
They employ one of the loudest songs per volume of birds.
Volunteers swab turtle mouths with gauze pads and also employ a secret weapon-mayonnaise.
But unlike snakes, which employ fangs, fish generally boast sharp spines.
Previous research has revealed that chili plants employ capsaicin to cause pain in rodents that might otherwise eat them.
Some companies employ specially trained bear watchers to shoo the animals away.
Flying frogs, leaping lizards, airborne squirrels-a host of creatures employ gravity-defying means of travel.
To employ bats as a natural mosquito control, you must purchase or build bat houses for them to roost in.
Employ temperature management strategies to keep your heating and cooling power use in check.
Environmental and behavioral factors cause species to employ a wide variety of camouflage tactics.
Pickens's plan to employ natural gas for everyday transportation is perhaps even more controversial than his wind farm plan.
Many ski areas employ avalanche control teams to lessen the danger by starting slides before skiers head for the slopes.
It's about time someone has the guts to shed light on these horrible practices people employ for profit.
Bats, along with other animals that employ echolocation, rely on their ears more than their eyes for orientation and navigation.
High-quality cameras all employ the same basic system for automatic focusing, known as phase-detection autofocus.
Researchers are thus hoping to employ the gecko's secrets to manufacture adhesives with similar properties.
They employ electronics and a speaker to actively cancel lower-frequency sounds, which are otherwise difficult to stop.
Living humans, too, often employ oblique power gripping when wielding a hafted tool.
Digital cameras employ two different image stabilization hardware schemes.
Wind turbines often also employ a transmission to gear the shaft speed up or down to the sweet spot.
Probe storage technology would employ an array of atom-size probe tips to read and write data to spots on the storage medium.
Both sea horses and pipefishes employ the tilt-and-slurp technique, known as pivot feeding.
It would employ simple, known technology now used in rocket nozzles.
Science, it is sometimes claimed, is neutral: it is up to society to decide how to employ research findings.
And they will employ forensic techniques to the ball itself.
Utilities employ a wide array of cables, depending on whether they will be used above- or below-ground.
The cranes will also employ radioactivity monitors as well as cameras to help remotely operate the tools.
Touch screens employ one of three physics principles for detecting the point of touch.
But residents say the shrimp farms employ a fraction of the people needed to harvest rice.
But other researchers employ a different strategy, consulting indigenous people when possible.
They also employ personnel with extensive experience in handling science fraud.
But it will crack down on those who employ unskilled or semi-skilled foreigners.
The college wouldn't employ me and no more should it.
No wonder that colleges now employ search firms to find the best possible admissions and enrollment leaders.
Bats employ a sonar system that allows them to catch prey under the cover of darkness.
In fact, several colleges and universities that do not employ legacy preferences nevertheless do well financially.
We seek to employ talented people whose contributions will carry forward our mission.
Colleges and universities universally employ that formula to determine financial need.
They also employ career counselors who cater specifically to graduate students.
Obviously, campus officials must exercise good judgment in how they employ video surveillance.
We strive to employ individuals who possess the skills necessary to effectively educate a diverse population of learners.
It is true that more and more online journals are claiming to employ a peer-review process.
The goal should be to employ the best workers at the lowest possible wages.
For maximum effect, you also need to employ multiple channels to get the word out about your activities.
Others had to have open access and to employ tools other than access control.
And governments employ a lot of people: in our chart of the ten biggest global employers, below, seven are government-run.
Some companies even employ corporate anthropologists.
The flip side of their high productivity is that modern services employ relatively few people.
Or you can concentrate the sun's rays using mirrors, boil water with them, and employ the steam to drive a generator.
Build a new bridge, and yes you employ some people for some amount of time until the bridge is done.
Prosperous and busy people employ nannies and cleaners to make life easy for themselves.
Firms routinely employ thousands of workers and move billions of dollars-worth of goods and services within their borders.
Third, companies do not have to employ consultants in the way that they have to employ accountants and lawyers.
Other insidious sorts employ armies of robot workers which produce a sham consensus about what is the correct solution to a task.
We should give corporations tax breaks only if they employ people.
Most venture firms employ a skeleton staff of in-house experts in areas such as recruiting and marketing to help advise start-ups.
Instead, they employ managers precisely in order to react to events as they unfold.
Companies with stronger unions tend to employ fewer managers.
The rich and famous can hire the best lawyers, employ their own investigators and exploit the media to their advantage.
Networks already employ throttling and congestion management in each cell in a network.
The general industry of the society never can exceed what the capital of the society can employ.
There is no trick of the time which he does not employ.
Resist beginnings: it is too late to employ medicine when the evil has grown strong by inveterate habit.
If you would grow poor without perceiving it employ workmen and go to sleep.
He ordered all, before they are admitted, to employ a month for a general confession and a spiritual exercise.
The emperor gave him a thousand pieces of gold to employ in charities.
We employ the same procedure, are prepared to furnish the same promises, give the same kind of help.
All are required to employ folks eligible to work here.
To maximize their returns, virtually all these factories employ children, and an increasing number do so exclusively.
Our goal is to get users' photos into their own control and we'll employ whatever services make it easiest for them to do so.
He didn't employ a consistent methodology, rating in spurts and usually while searching for something to watch.
Newer models employ challenge-response authentication over radio frequency and are considered much more secure.
It creates its own logic and transforms the culture of those who employ it.
It may be necessary, as in the case of light, to employ two theories which once appeared to be mutually contradictory.
The shift would employ more people while providing better, more appealing jobs.
Now you don't need half the people you employ to trade and track those.
He's managed to employ a lot of local people and restore value to previously worthless land, while producing a lot of chocolate.
There simply isn't a way to employ a majority of the kids in this fashion.
Spending on welfare and suchlike does not employ people directly, but recipients are quite likely to buy things.
The latest household objects employ smarts built inside for extraordinary efficiency.
Most of his designs employ thin, pliable strands of conductive steel spun with cotton or polyester fibers into yarn.
All guitar pickups employ essentially the same design: one or more magnets wrapped in a thin coil of wire.
Obviously a great poet is more than a metaphor machine, and some employ no metaphors at all.
Few artists have an understanding of the predictable behavior of the substances they choose to employ.
Drug companies now employ small armies of lawyers to milk these laws for all they're worth-and they're worth a lot.
The intense secrecy that has enshrouded it would not have been necessary if there had not been a desire to employ illegal tactics.
Movies employ the best paleontologists as advisers to heighten the realism of their creatures.
But it takes longer to make, and to do it properly, you have to employ eccentric people who insist on doing things their way.
The foundation creates businesses that employ survivors, providing them with a sustainable way to support themselves.
Oil refiners employ bubbles in the removal of sulfur from crude.
Everything else is scare tactics by people that do not employ science and facts for their politics.
The imagery you employ guides you to ask certain questions and to not ask certain others.
Some camcorders employ electronics that manipulate the image itself to cancel out the jitters.
Even accomplished artists sometimes employ strategies to shake up their preconceptions about what they're seeing.
The user would employ the device by stepping into a pair of shoes attached to jointed legs.
It will employ four satellites operating in tandem as one enormous telescope.
There are bugs tougher than any of the decontamination procedures they employ.
Many of these companies selling complex software and services solutions employ solution architects.
It may surprise you to learn that corporations employ people, and these people have consciences.
Typical video poker players employ the same strategies they would use while playing cards with friends around the kitchen table.
Once that was done they were able to leverage manufacturing plants that employ millions.
These systems employ x-rays and computer tomography to scan for suspicious shapes and object densities.
The x-ray machines used in hospitals today employ a high-energy source of the radiation.
To make the membranes, the researchers employ tools that are used to create integrated circuit chips.
His manner is not tentative--he knows precisely which words he wishes to employ--but painfully subdued.
New ways to support more callers are needed because cellular-phone networks employ a finite resource: the radio spectrum.
The longer-term solution is to employ a different kind of stamp based on cryptographic signatures.
Said inverters that would employ a grid tie such as used by wind and solar users to supply power back to the grid are not cheap.
Near-infrared technology may someday employ an undetectable spot of light on your forehead.
He does not employ the rousing rhetoric of a typical politician.

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