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Restaurants and nightclubs spring up almost weekly, and new buildings emerge on the skyline with regularity.
After 30 years of painstaking work, some of the answers are beginning to emerge.
When looking at this weekend's wild-card games, intriguing points emerge.
At the end of that process the puffins emerge quite covered in dirt.
Some even stayed outside as the movie played, hoping to see the stars emerge.
Before long a new identity will emerge.
It's going to be nice to see another powerhouse emerge on a noncompetitive game.
And when the sun shines through, rainbow colors emerge.
Leaves emerge purplish in spring, turn bright green by summer.
They emerge from woods in the outskirts of Chicago to hear a train coming.
When the electrons emerge, they recombine with the positive hydrogen ions as well as with oxygen atoms from the air to form water.
The way the leaves emerge from the center and spill out and curl under.
Under the right conditions, patterns emerge from the brain's monumental complexity.
After the sun had swung around and began grazing the surface, however, a delicate web of finely engraved lines started to emerge.
Ripples of light green liquor soon began to emerge from the thin, feathery leaf.
On a still more superficial plane is the facial nerve, the branches of which emerge from the borders of the gland.
From it the veins commence and emerge from the organ at the same place as that at which the arteries enter.
The first signs of divergence between appearance and reality may emerge at the interview.
However, there was a suspicious vagueness as to exactly how and when this miracle of consistency would emerge.
In order for that space to emerge, however, people have to trust the goodwill of commenters.
The only value in doing so is that it liberates you to emerge from past influence and choose your own environmental triggers now.
Themes emerge by accretion, notably his family's ambivalence about his work.
Then, lured by ritual prayer and song, the souls emerge from the water and the spirits are reborn.
Shapes emerge from the chaos, and the shapes begin to sing.
Gradually, meanings emerge and emotions crystallize.
Fragments of this story, however, have lately begun to emerge.
The financial system that will emerge from the current crisis will probably be smaller and more regulated.
As new influenza strains emerge, researchers struggle to speed vaccine development.
But a new, more robust face of entanglement is beginning to emerge from other types of experiment.
They think that systems emerge in the brain that can predict the outcome of these natural computations.
The way patterns of behaviour emerge and spread through society is the subject of intense research at the moment.
And they need some way to test new ideas when they emerge.
But interesting evidence is beginning to emerge that light may well play an important role in neuronal function.
Sync is not a new idea, but it has only recently begun to emerge as a crucial part of the way that computer systems are run.
There may be other ways round this problem that have yet to emerge.
Using probability seems to come closer to the uncertainty principles that emerge at the quantum scale too.
It will simply emerge from a radical new way of looking at nature.
It's arguably time for a discipline to emerge around the idea of human augmentation.
If good evidence of this relationship doesn't emerge from this data, other opportunities will be few and far between.
And dessert soups have a place even as the dog days wane and autumn fruits emerge.
Emotional pain is usually hidden at the outset, but it often lingers, to emerge long after the debris has been cleared away.
We each have multiple selves, which emerge or don't depending on context.
Molecules that help others to fold emerge as targets for cancer drugs.
Quantum entanglement is such a mainstay of modern physics that it is worth reflecting on how long it took to emerge.
After dark the bed bugs would emerge from his recliner and tattered box-spring mattress to feed on his blood.
More clues should emerge as more samples are unearthed-and as genetic sequencing technology continues to improve.
Mountains and valleys emerge and disappear due to plate tectonics.
Whether similar defects emerge in sons remains to be seen.
Even then, it takes several studies for a consensus to emerge.
And certainly there will emerge a unity in diversity and then the real winner will emerge.
It's certainly an interesting suggestion that a paradox of self-reference could emerge here.
The cattle then emerge with these toxic materials in their mouths and perhaps in their lungs and stomachs.
And the gut is one place in which the phage move between different bacteria, and new pathogenic bacterial strains emerge.
Persistent critics have disagreed with this conclusion, pointing to a few positive findings that emerge in scattered studies.
The atoms emerge from a small opening in the bottle, forming a beam.
Regardless, the time has come for clean energy to emerge full steam ahead.
Alternate explanations emerge naturally for the red shift and background radiation.
What they did not want to see was the alternative strategy emerge of addressing the global killer threat at source.
The process of selection is what causes long-term changes to emerge.
These attributes will powerfully affect the politics that emerge in our digital era.
New technologies and business models emerge almost overnight.
When the lobsters emerge six to eight minutes later, the succulent meat slips right out of the shell.
From these humble beginnings, a full operating system kernel would emerge.
After the cooked pizzas emerge, they're positioned on the tables in a line.
There's plenty of good that could emerge from persuasion profiling.
They emerge together and glide down to their positions at the head of the table.
But then my livestock would emerge from the forest all covered in oil.
Definitive results could take weeks to emerge, giving ample opportunity for vote-padding and shaving.
The yellow and purple hues that should emerge in the spring will match their school colours.
These were people, after all, who only a few years earlier had started to emerge from the long night of communism.
It will be a while before the winners start to emerge.
It could even be a requirement for insurance coverage, allowing a market for information security to emerge.
The country has a long way to go before calm can resume or a stable new order emerge.
So a new growth industry may emerge from the crisis: that of holding and maintaining essential stocks on behalf of manufacturers.
Probe a little deeper, however, and patterns emerge.
But with a viable new biofuel yet to emerge, lobbyists are still pushing to support the old one.
Planets are believed to emerge from the accretion of particles in a disk of gas and dust as they whirl around the star.
As with open-source software, new non-commercial models will emerge.
The flavours are distinguished by the particles which emerge on the rare occasion a neutrino does bump into something.
Repeat this process and networks of linked words will emerge.
But the true consequences of his findings are only starting to emerge.
What those rulers will not do, though, is create an arena in which other economic or political players can emerge.
But if more bad figures emerge a reprieve on new taxes may prove to be wise.
If a technical fault were to emerge, the world's policeman would be grounded.
It is also when tools designed for sophisticated leather working emerge.
Even narrower specialisations emerge around more personal topics that benefit from public advice.
She could be the first villain to emerge this season.
Temperature is often a cue to enter or emerge from hibernation.
Yet no global monitoring system exists to identify and control diseases as they emerge.
More examples may emerge, skeptics add, but these are likely to be the exceptions and not the rule.
During the darkest part of the night, common vampire bats emerge to hunt.
Infants emerge after about four months and are generally weaned by the sixth month and on their own by the eighth.
They are the only snakes in the world that build nests for their eggs, which they guard ferociously until the hatchlings emerge.
Answers may emerge as researchers continue to excavate the newfound shapes in the coming years.
They emerge from their subterranean hiding spots only at night to feed and during spring mating.
The herder reacts instantly, finding shelter nearby for his animals, which later emerge from the storm unscathed.
And every night, small groups go out with spotlights to add to the totals those species that only emerge at night.
He was too pleased with himself to notice the shimmering torpedo emerge from the depths.
Tiny snails can travel through a bird's digestive tract and mysteriously emerge perfectly healthy, a new study says.
By mining the vacuum's riches, a true theory of everything may yet emerge.
Only from studies of cell-by-cell connections does the astounding similarity emerge.
When they emerge, ready to face the world, they get mouthfuls of poo.
In politics one has a few broad values and loyalties, and details emerge from that.
The ice cube will not suddenly reappear, but will gradually emerge over a matter of minutes via unmelting.
It's also worth noting that the moral watershed did not suddenly emerge with the dropping of the bombs.
Scientific and technological advances will emerge as a by-product of the process.
The outlines of the missing ingredient, namely a common treasury, are beginning to emerge.
Doubt has begun to emerge from within the administration itself, too.
And inventive new ways of being poor continue to emerge.
From this interplay, new policies will emerge, presumably from application of the canons of scientific method.
In short, when students begin to emerge as human beings, you know that education is working.
But as technology evolves and new ways of delivering information emerge, some things don't change.
They hide on the bottom, detect fish overhead, then emerge to release their toxins.
As the stars emerge, they find themselves in a perilously crowded courtyard of people and paparazzi.
Whenever that happens, social movements often begin to emerge, usually focused on key moral issues.
So another narrative began to emerge, of a rarer form of madness.
And the more complex the strategies, the more surprising the linkages that will emerge.
Coal miners, sheltered underground, were the first to emerge from the wreckage.
But companies that have the fundamentals in place will emerge stronger.
The perfection of these pacific instruments should be the first objective of our scientists as they emerge from their war work.
Then for days he hovers over his glutinous brood, waiting for the first fingerlings to emerge, pouncing on any intruders.
Give your team a big problem with almost no time to solve it, step back, and watch what behaviors emerge.
The question in this cycle has always been whether a viable challenger would emerge.
Or, to put it more precisely, no version of truth that is considered believable by all sides will ever emerge.
His ideas emerge from seminars and lectures, not from sudden epiphanies.
No social test can be applied to him from which he will not emerge unscathed.
The patterns that emerge fail to draw us in, fail to invite us to participate in the connectivity of the world.
Eleven cubs emerge simultaneously, looking confused.
Insights into obesity, diabetes, cancer and other health problems can emerge from investigations into rare diseases.

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