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Example sentences for embezzlement

King was charged with one count of theft and embezzlement and eight counts of money laundering.
The jury then returned into court nine indictments for embezzlement for public money.
Among the alleged or admitted crimes: stealing federal funds, helping drug dealers and embezzlement.
Using an elaborate method to conceal her embezzlement from her employer, she was able to avoid audit detections of the company.
Embezzlement is stealing and stealing is a crime, specifically, a form of larceny.
He was indicted on five counts of embezzlement and three counts of obtaining.
The affair began with an investigation into embezzlement.
Say, bank vice presidents who have blundered into embezzlement.
NJ, printing company, referred incorrectly in some copies to the length of his sentence on embezzlement charges.
Cross had pleaded guilty to charges of embezzlement.
And they demanded the reinstatement of five colleagues who had been sacked for alleged embezzlement.
They each face five charges of embezzlement and one count of conspiracy.
Embezzlement of any kind results when workers believe they are getting screwed.
Over a hundred senior officers are being investigated for corruption and embezzlement.
She was arrested and later pleaded guilty to embezzlement.
Ward pulls back the curtain on a dark, growing problem in campaign finance: embezzlement.
The ministry of internal affairs is conducting an embezzlement investigation.
Their crimes include arms or drug trafficking, and embezzlement.
The investigation led to the indictments of two former council aides on embezzlement charges.
The problem is not simply one of embezzlement and bribery.
Cloning pioneer gets two years for embezzlement and bioethics breach.
After several hours of questioning he was charged with embezzlement and corruption, and then released to return to his posh hotel.
He pleaded not guilty in his second trial on charges of embezzlement.
Cutting down on such embezzlement by higher-ups is significant.
Two developers were convicted of embezzlement and corruption and sentenced to life in prison.

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