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He was inspired by the idea that movies could be so mysterious, elusive, and unpredictable.
Finding the elusive online job.
We have finally caught up to our elusive prey.
The paintings are by turns austere and voluptuous, evocative and elusive.
Human memory can be maddeningly elusive.
So go ahead and educate me as to its seemingly elusive advantages.
At boarding school, a boy falls in love with an elusive girl.
The formula for creative thinking is pretty elusive, but scientists have a few evidence-based clues.
The most basic knowledge proves elusive, often never recorded in the first place.
He's not as fast, but he's nearly as elusive.
He has a reputation as a tough player who is especially elusive in the open field.
Privacy on a small city lot is an all-too-elusive concept.
The elusive truffle flavor cuts the cloying sweetness of the honey and is a natural with the cheese.
Also they made more grotesque an already grotesque and elusive individuality.
Yet some elusive creatures have retained their monstrous reputation.
Most of the time she uses flat-weave quilters' cotton, but she's been known to raid her closet for an elusive fragment.
The evidence becomes even more valuable when the species photographed is elusive, threatened or even previously unknown.
Despite their well-camouflaged coats and elusive nature, many clouded leopards are killed by poachers for their pelts.
Much of the mystery was of her own making, growing out of her reticent, elusive personality.
Instead, it's for capturing my own ideas, which sometimes can seem elusive at certain stages of the writing process.
Scholars can admit the limitations of their knowledge when answers are elusive.
But the benefits for colleges of more check-ins can be elusive.
Yet because of the underlying economic model, gender equity remains elusive.
Proof about the noose's origin is as elusive and contested as the plagiarism case itself.
These animals then adapted sticks to the task of catching elusive pond catfish.
Two research teams have found new evidence of transformations in elusive elementary particles called neutrinos.
But success has been elusive, the challenge too great, and such machines have remained the stuff of science fiction.
They've improved since then, but protection against concussions remains elusive.
As unemployment remains high and wage growth stagnant, a recovery in spending will be elusive.
Though science may have a clear idea of the life cycle of stars, details are elusive.
At best we're continuing to see stagnant hiring, with a labor market recovery remaining elusive.
Third, it's mastered the elusive art of appealing to both partiers and grannies.
It's something artisan bread bakers use to turn out breathtaking whole-grain boules and those elusive, hearth-baked baguettes.
But after it expired, prices began falling again, as the market resumed its search for an elusive bottom.
It can be worth traveling a long way to find these elusive tastes.
As long as the bipolar politics of food prevails, fixes to our nation's obesity crisis will remain elusive.
Today, many lives and dollars later, such an alternative has become an elusive and infinitely more expensive possibility.
He was losing the support of the party intelligentsia-a crucial segment, and one that he had always found frustratingly elusive.
Eliminating the disease could depend on tracking down and destroying these elusive killer cells.
More elusive forms, dubbed sprites and blue jets, flit above the clouds.
Scientists have known about this equatorial bulge of biodiversity for more than a century, yet its explanation remained elusive.
But a true understanding of the phenomenon remains elusive.
The critically endangered species is elusive, rarely photographed and almost never observed in the wild.
Scientists have long hunted for a pattern of brain activity that signals consciousness, but a reliable marker has proved elusive.
Answers about how the brain as a whole integrates activity among areas, however, have proved elusive.
Although this is one of the fundamental questions driving modern astronomy, the answer remains elusive.
But exactly how plants manage this nearly instantaneous trick has remained elusive.
The truth, wouldn't you know it, is a bit more elusive.
Elusive and shy, harbor porpoises have proved difficult to study in their natural habitats.
Nailing the truth about the elusive convict fish proves tougher than expected.
Digital motion-detection cameras capture elusive wildlife.
Kinkajous are elusive animals, sleeping by day inside tree holes, active at night in the forest canopy high above ground.
The elusive goal of gaining a natural tan without braving the sun or the tanning booth may be within reach.
But so elusive are the cats that we've only seen the tracks of that one old tom.
His images celebrate the mystery of the depths and offer intimate portraits of elusive sea creatures.
However, without precise instruments, verification has proved elusive.
Generally shy and elusive, the yellow-billed cuckoo can be easily overlooked.
Bobcats are elusive and nocturnal, so they are rarely spotted by humans.
Discusses how asteroids were formed and how elusive they can be to astronomers looking for them.
The precise mechanism of effect remains elusive even for the intensively studied mainstream pharmaceuticals.
There are elusive adversaries, explosive ones, and lots of sitting ducks.
She made an organic whole of this outwardly lurid, inwardly elusive part.
However, a practical method to cheaply produce high-performance organic electronic circuits has proved elusive.
And whereas many measures of depression and sadness have been defined, a coherent description of happiness remains elusive.
He describes the early stages of human life and an elusive cell found only in embryos.
But the promise of hydrogen-powered personal transport seems as elusive as ever.
The problem with the elusive boson is not creating it in the first place.
In spite of its size, the shadow economy's elusive character frustrates easy attempts to measure it.
Yet the answer to that has proved surprisingly elusive.
But understanding it, from a scientific standpoint, has long proved elusive.
It is scrutinising high-frequency traders for evidence-so far elusive-that they increase systemic risk.
But exactly what one could expect from someone punch drunk on delusions of one day joining the elusive cadre of the filthy rich.
To capture them with photography is to defy their elusive state, to steal them to common ground, as is the journalist's duty.
Soon my father appeared as elusive as a distant mirage.
When those proved elusive, the site started probing further into his life.
It's difficult to recall a situation when a photographer has had such steady, tag-along access to a moody, elusive star.
Much more elusive are the conditions that kept it at the top of its game for so long.
If the facts indicated otherwise-and they did-answers remained elusive.
One doesn't usually encounter senior citizens who are quite so wily and elusive.
Elusive monsters have long been the inspiration for sea tales.
It seemed too elusive and subjective to study scientifically.
The duo launched several expeditions to capture the elusive spider but all of them failed.
Yet as familiar as these creatures are, a complete understanding of their origins has proved elusive.
While researchers the world over are looking for the elusive dino in their own waters, others are trying to identify the toxin.
However, direct genetic evidence for population growth after independent agricultural origins has been elusive.
Alas, consensus is as elusive as ever- even on the theory of consensus.
Even if solid conclusions remain elusive, the modern revival in synesthesia studies encourages synesthetes.
The slightly darker females are even more elusive than the males, more likely to hug the ground beneath the plant cover.
Each appears to have suffered an electrical catastrophe, but the cause of each crash has so far proven elusive.
Today his is once again a household name-and yet as an artistic personality he remains curiously elusive.
She bought a couple of items whose elusive beauty eluded everyone but herself.
Among the obstacles he faces are the elusive meanings of the concepts around which he builds his essays.
But to the best of my belief no one previously has devoted a substantial nonfictional study to the life of this elusive lady.
It is therefore perhaps understandable that a more robust sense of cultural and political self-confidence has remained elusive.
However elusive a definitive finding from the academic studies may be, deterrence is not elusive.
The meaning of age has become elusive, visual clues untrustworthy.
As it turns out, however, that proof may not be so elusive.

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