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However, the news is not all doom and gloom by a long shot.
Yet contrary to repeated forecasts of doom from orthodox economists, the economy is roaring.
To do nothing is to doom a decent but egocentric species to extinction.
Amphibians are lured by a flesh-eating ground beetle larva to their doom.
My doom and gloom colleagues really brought me down.
When economic conditions changed, risk managers would see that the likelihood of financial doom increased.
They offered dispirited accounts of the discussion and foretold certain doom.
Let's try and keep this stuff reasonable and not scream headlines of doom.
One mistake from you will not spell doom for your students.
Water often collected on and covered the asphalt, luring thirsty animals to their doom.
Of course this strategy will doom the projects to failure.
But the story of our ocean isn't all doom and gloom.
And then there are the industries where doom lurks around every corner.
Painting doom and gloom with such a broad brush does not make it so.
Yes, addiction changes the brain but this does not doom people to use drugs forever.
It was impending doom then and it's impending doom now.
Telling the population of impending doom would cause violence, and lots of it.
Funny thing is they don't even realize they are contributing to their own doom.
Prey touch tiny trigger hairs that release the door, which opens inward, sucking in the prey to their doom.
Really, a lot of the doom is emanating from the subway.
If it did, this moon would have been swept up by the first one on its inward plunge toward doom.
If the opposing view is all doom and gloom apply it to the same circular file.
In between doom and gloom and the rosy outlook is reality, my friends.
To ignore the influence of population on the global environment is to invite doom upon ourselves.
Gloom and doom is the overarching theme of the narrative slate as well.
The researchers note that their findings aren't all doom and gloom for people with an alcohol problem.
There is something utterly engrossing about witnessing the spectacle of blithe ignorance in the face of impending doom.
And yet when people in higher education talk about its condition and its prospects, doom is often in their voices.
Getting involved in national politics will, in his eyes, doom him to permanent residence in poverty and backwardness.
In chess what almost always happens after the impulsive move is doom.
Historical events seemed to doom their romance from the start.
Pollution, overfishing, and the rise of microbes spell doom for many bodies of water.
But cartoonish villains don't necessarily spell doom for a movie, especially one meant to be an elaborate thrill ride.
Any bug that walks on this frictionless zone falls to its doom.
It cost a ton of money, and they are already planning for its eventual doom.
It would be a crime to doom even one of these species to extinction.
The second set, found in the eel's throat, surges forward to grab prey and help draw it to its doom.
Heaters might stave off doom for bats: researchers.
Wondering where all this will end, a few forecasters are doom-laden.
The doom-mongers were right in foreseeing a sharp downturn.
Conversely, some moribund administrations embrace desperate hyperactivity to stave off their doom.
All told, the doom-mongers' script may play out in reverse.
But let me offer a few reasons not to buy the forecasts of impending doom.
On one hand, some people are turned off by talk of doom.
In each case, he demonstrated that the doom and gloom is wildly exaggerated.
But it is generally more lucrative to sell prophecies of doom than to act on them.
It has the relentless single-minded purpose of a prophet of doom.
But bankers' warnings of economic doom from more regulation are exaggerated.
Mexicans can take care of their own oil industry, they say, and the predictions of doom are exaggerated.
The dollar continues to defy gloom-and-doom predictions.
Limits in available water doom lands and landowners to limited development.

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