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Above all, they say that the dissolution would represent an intellectual loss for the university.
Together they work as a powerful detergent and another dissolution retardant.
The shrine of this saint was plundered at the dissolution of monasteries.
They opted instead for legal dissolution.
The other happy trend is the slow dissolution of the class system.
He, undergoing the dissolution of a marriage, is seeking a pure source of inspiration free from the taint of city life.
The party's dissolution was in effect an act of defiance in advance of a parliamentary election it has denounced as undemocratic.
The resignation was expected to mean the dissolution of his Cabinet.
This leads in turn to a fracturing and dissolution of social cohesion.
From its inception in 1935 until its dissolution in 1942, the art project was responsible for some 200 murals in the city.
Both shells are strong, allow for protection, attachment of muscles and resist dissolution in water.
It has freed us from the perpetual danger of war and dissolution.
It is also shown by comparing the dissolution of iron and gold.
Within the circulating blood, therefore, there is a dynamic balance between the formation and dissolution of clots.
Unfortunately, one of the best predictors of marital dissolution is whether the couple come from homes of divorce.

Famous quotes containing the word dissolution

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