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Example sentences for disseminate

The goal of a university is to produce and disseminate knowledge.
The university presses share the libraries' mission to disseminate scholarship.
Both campaigns have raised about $1 million to disseminate their messages.
The mission of the academy is to discover and disseminate knowledge.
Of course, the Internet can disseminate the same information, and much more.
In order to hunt and gather food, they must collect information and disseminate it.
One project is devoted to using radio to disseminate market and weather information.
Various universities have projects running to disseminate lectures via podcast.
In unionized companies, shop stewards can generally be trusted to disseminate that information.
Demand for the data we disseminate is only growing.
The way to academic respect is to be a scholar: create and disseminate knowledge.
It should be possible to disseminate better data on past mortality experience.
Having a way to disseminate the fruits of their labors would also seem to be a basic requirement.
Perhaps this is not the forum in which to disseminate simplistic answers.
One thing the press could help with is to disseminate the research that shows that kids find guns irresistible.
With age comes experience, as well as the desire to disseminate knowledge.
The opinion directly affects the media and journalists who disseminate information to the public.
Produce and disseminate industry and occupational employment projections.
Numbered bulletins used to disseminate actuarial information.
Develop and disseminate best practices to stakeholders who operate and maintain equipment.

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