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You can also create buddy lists to let friends and relatives dispatch images to your frame.
I'll give you an update of their work in the next dispatch.
And authors can dispatch revisions and addenda in a secure and profitable way.
Business dispatched is business well done, but business hurried is business ill done.
Only eight days later, Jason commented that a medical situation arose in his classroom requiring campus dispatch.
This final dispatch is an excerpt from his speech.
Another option is to dispatch committee members or colleagues, armed with recruitment materials, to disciplinary conferences.
The pigs--nobody's fools--not only dispatch the costumed wolf but devise a scheme to discourage him once and for all.
Thomas is a fine writer who spells out the bare facts of her life with dispatch.
One thing that's good about industry is that they can dispatch you with ruthless efficiency.
My wife used to be a tow dispatch.

Famous quotes containing the word dispatch

I have just read your dispatch about sore tongued and fatiegued [sic] horses. Will you pardon me for asking... more
On the thirty-first day of March, one hundred and forty-two years before this, probably about this time in the afternoon... more
He's leaving Germany by special request of the Nazi government. First he sends a dispatch about Danzig and ... more
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