disengage in a sentence

Example sentences for disengage

Then pivot the hinge to disengage the roller from the track.
The hardest lesson for students to learn is to disengage themselves from the data and theories in social sciences.
After removing the nails from the siding, press downward to disengage its lower edge from the siding below.
The sudden imbalance of power, with only one engine operating, caused the autopilot to disengage and the plane to begin to fall.
But no grown-up thinks we're going to be able to disengage rapidly and abruptly.
Perpetuated by the media, they disengage our society's elite.
Once you engage, it will be harder to disengage if things do go awry.
He also fails to consistently disengage with good timing versus the run.
It is trying to disengage itself from its over-close relations with business.
Consequently, it is reasonably easy for me to disengage from any of them.
When slats disengage from the crib side rail, a gap is left between the remaining slats.
White: offered that he's not sure if the choice to disengage even exists at this point, given what has already taken place.
Do the opposite, and you can disengage employees quickly.

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