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Example sentences for discernment

The difficulty with color perception usually involves the discernment of red and green or those colors with red and green in them.
Wisdom and discernment are everywhere.
Abiding truth is to be experienced through self discernment and cannot be dished out like a serving of pizza.
The former tends to perpetuate a surface belief while the latter tends toward conscious discernment.
On the other hand, the internet forces people to use discernment as they receive information.
It's not putting a falsely modest skin over a soul of discernment.
They continue to see her caution as wisdom, her penchant for splitting the difference as discernment.
Also, rigid prerequisite rules need to be considered with discernment, too.
Historically discernment has been the domain of the few and that remains true today.
And the discernment of the discerning will I bring to naught.
The sense of smell is also associated with higher forms of discrimination and discernment.
For his truly were customers of worldly discernment.
They weren't looking for any discernment, they were simply staying and playing.
Conversely, a highly illuminated object on a dark background is reverse silhouette discernment.
To do this, they turn to both official and popular means of discernment.
Each category can be grouped to evolve patterns of discernment.
Demonstrates discernment and employs prior knowledge in the case of solving unique work challenges.
We pray now for discernment for these representatives as they deliberate on the course of this great nation.

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