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Humans are programed to hear words in their own language and see faces in a din or noise and camouflage.
He is raising a din of clanking pots and clumsy feet, so loud you figure he must be doing it on purpose.
The din didn't change the course of the match.
The din was sometimes worse on the platforms, topping out at 102 decibels.
In this earsplitting din of pop-music, patrons drank more in less time.
Engines are so loud, and it's a constant din.
Imagine listening to people speak through the din of a seashell's roar.
Noise-canceling headphones reduce the din without shattering your eardrums.
Through the din of the celebration, five words were just barely audible.
During the din of their playtimes I always stop working to have a cup of tea.
The din is deafening as workers hammer and weld the parts together.
The only change in the scene was the tooth-rattling din of a road crew energetically jackhammering the nearby sidewalk.
What one may see as crowding and a wearisome din, another will enjoy as a charming expression of the city's energy.
Rock these where it doesn't matter if the external din is muffled to a whisper.
The din of windshield wipers, blenders, and vacuum cleaners was excruciating to him.
Animals all over the world are finding interesting ways to get around the human din.
But about a year and a half ago a single significant note was discerned through the din.
They bred mice to lack certain aspects of dopamine function and monitored the resulting din.
Imagining the din to be a domestic altercation, she hadn't called the police.
The seminary walls muted the din of traffic outside to no more than a dull hum.
The village is noisy because of all the comings and goings, the babies who cry, and the constant din of chickens.
The din was enormous, even with the car windows closed.
While all the church bells made a solemn din-A fire-alarm to those who lived in sin.
They spent the following day deafened by the din, peering through the smoke.
Over the din of howling wind and flapping sails, his signals could be heard, instructing the crew how to act as one unit.
The calm determination of our heroes and the hypnotic clicking of their tricycles contrasted with the din of the thundering city.
As the din of the town fades behind us the views afforded become grander with each step.
The din of airplanes landing, motorcycles roaring or a bedmate snoring can make for patchy sleep and strained nerves.
The work captures not only the look of all those cars whizzing by, but the din, as well.
Wildflowers, birds and small animals co-exist with industrial development and the din of the nearby airport.
Fed's housing blueprint is lost in din of politics.
Separated from their calves, the cows sent up a protest of bellows, a deafening but familiar din.
The din mounts as half a dozen of the brightly colored cars roll to the starting line.

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