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Among the effects observed were a reduction in teasing and a diminution of destructiveness toward property.
Several questions have been raised about the progressive diminution of the birth rate.
Then there is the real or perceived diminution of mobility on the job market.
The diminution of the national cricket team is a catastrophe in its own right.
NO diminution of geographical research and travel literature is ever to be expected.
Two evolutionary pressures are thought to drive this process of diminution.
In no other part of the world is the idea of a diminution of national sovereignty anywhere near so readily accepted.
It was never my intention to be critical of the medical profession or to suggest a diminution of public confidence in physicians.
For others, these overruns represent a continuing diminution of household wealth.
Big-there has been no diminution in the quality of trenchant travesty.
It required accepting a possibility of success based on an inevitability of diminution.
But the more often you see them, the more accessible they become, and there's a slight diminution of interest.
The growing disparity between rich and poor is a result of the diminution of the power of organized labor.
The past two decades have seen no diminution in his vivid and enigmatic imagery.
To lose the long-distance migrations performed by some species would be a grievous diminution.
Indeed, in today's world, it may be not so much differences but their diminution that provokes antagonism.
They can't afford any potential long term diminution of the value of their guitars.
The wisest princes need not think it any diminution to their greatness, or derogation to their sufficiency, to rely upon counsel.
Instead of any diminution, there is need of a great increase of disinterested exertion to promote the good of others.
It varies with the length of the coccyx, and is capable of increase or diminution, on account of the mobility of that bone.
Yet is there certainly no general diminution of sparkle or interest-Times.
She attributed the change not so much to a gradual diminution of fortune as to a spiteful wish to annoy his hostess.
The actual diminution of light would depend on how wide and how thick the rings are, too.
No, not population sizes, but a diminution in the size of the animals by comparison with the pre-global warming days.

Famous quotes containing the word diminution

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