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Most of my readers don't know I'm a dilettante techno musician.
When we separate him from his literary neighbours, it must be as a dilettante.
We were friends, but never easy -- I'd always had the feeling he thought me a lightweight or a dilettante.
If his manner was relaxed, his questioning courteous and his bearing almost patrician, he was no dilettante.
Yet he disdained the role of dilettante, always testing himself against the rigors of the marketplace.
Porter was no dilettante composer.
Gelernter's intellectual adventurism is the mark of a true Renaissance man or the desperate flailing of a scattershot dilettante.
They think of him as bit of a dilettante, a generalist rather than a specialist, even a journalist.
But some have mocked him as a globe-trotting dilettante who spends much of his time abroad instead of on the barricades.
The article portrayed her as an outspoken, partying dilettante.
But to pull it off, he needed a secret weapon-an expert in this arena to prove he wasn't some digital dilettante.
Such a conjunction of the dilettante and the practical is nowhere else known on the footstool.

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