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And you thought your visit to the dentist was painful.
If your dentist is suggesting you do one side at a time, it could be because s/he anticipates a longer recovery process.
The team dentist identified it as a secondary molar with part of its root missing.
The semi-annual trip to the dentist gets more interesting as more dentists go digital.
Remember too that horses need regular dentist and farrier checks, as well as whatever vaccinations are required.
Old style letters in a curve that reminded me of one a childhood dentist had on his wall.
It helps them find work and housing, and even offers a free trip to the dentist.
It's pure torture that not even the dentist can understand.
They should take this article to their pediatrician and dentist.
Well, other than the dentist trip you have tomorrow, you're doing fine.
Over-the-counter pain medications may be used while waiting to see the dentist or primary health care provider.
There are also advantages to being a dentist over being a doctor.
Ate it until he got cavities, got taken to the dentist.
It's certainly much more pleasant than going to the dentist.
We have a dentist who is a fly fisherman and ties his own flies.
Surrender to sweet, gooey, dentist-be-darned dishes.
Another group, the control subjects, thought about going to the dentist-unpleasant but not life-threatening.
At ground level there are many practical applications of ozone, some are described by the dentist's comments above.
The president is the country's former health minister and a dentist, and the ear is close to the mouth, so it's all okay.
Those are generally the slowest times at the dentist's office.
They visited a medical building where their dentist's office used to be.
Tool steel is being used for drilling armor plate, which leaves little for dentist's drills.
She had not had time to see a dentist, and it was excruciating for her to open her mouth to sing.
At my last dentist appointment a few weeks ago, my hygienist suggested an electric toothbrush.
Norris also has a dentist who has a gift for giving pain.
However, my dentist does it while he works on my teeth.
In a pinch, the office manager for one of the local doctor's or dentist's offices works nicely as a guest lecturer.
The value of the output of a doctor, dentist, or car mechanic can be measured fairly easily.
If undetected by your dentist, these early signs of decay could turn into painful cavities.
Getting a physical examination includes having a dentist look at their teeth.
One squatted on a stool with a dentist's drill in his hand, carving identical figures and faces on chopped-off pieces of tusk.
She was blond and pretty, but she was in a dentist's chair, and he was pulling out her wisdom teeth.
The dentist may apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area before beginning the procedure.
The demand for doctors, dentist, and other health care professionals can be estimated with reasonable confidence.
One of his earliest memories was being taken to the dentist, who performed a tonsillectomy on him without anaesthetic.
They could also make the dreaded sound of the dentist's drill into little more than an unpleasant memory.
When he was once taken to a dentist, his eyes and ears were covered to maintain the sensory deprivation.
Instead, a prison dentist has begun to make him false teeth at the family's expense.
Marchesi had come to our appointment straight from the dentist, and after a few minutes he decided he needed to take a painkiller.
Later, my dentist referred me to a specialist who informed me that the damaged tooth had to be removed.
Shawn estimates the dentist's bill would have run in the thousands, since none of them have health insurance at this point.
Maybe a more adamant warning from her dentist about clindamycin's potential dangers would have saved her life.
Then he goes to a dentist who uses a local anaesthetic containing some form of cocaine.
Also, my freedom to have my teeth fixed impinges on my dentist's freedom to sit at home and read the paper.
The fat clings to the roof of my mouth with the oleaginous insistence of dentist's wax.
However, this dentist should have apologized profusely instead of becoming defensive and threatening you with a countersuit.
He got a mouthpiece from his dentist to wear at night, but it doesn't help.
If you've got both red hair and a fear of the dentist, you're not alone.

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