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This is nothing more than avoidance, sometimes referred to as denial.
Yet in some there's a placid acceptance that comes close to denial.
He contents himself with the simple denial that no such thing occurred.
The quilt she embroiders throughout is an ironic symbol, indeed, of her compulsion and denial.
The equality of one class of human beings cannot be purchased by the denial of the equality of another.
People have been relying on a promise all along, and then they get a denial.
Notice of my denial came last spring.
The title story profiles a doctor who swings between denial and terror at his worsening amnesia.
Better a friendly denial than unwilling compliance.
Her exhaustively researched picture is of a $15 billion industry in near-total denial about the effects it has.
Denial, of course, would dwarf even that of the warming itself but human views have no impact on nature.
The traditional ideals-centered on work, discipline and self-denial-had been replaced by a culture of self-indulgence.
He inured himself to the practice of self-denial, sobriety, and mortification from his tender years.
Such was his self-denial that he seldom or ever ate bread.
Denial is common at the hospital because patients are often afraid they will receive lesser care for self-inflicted wounds.
Survivors don't fall into the deadly traps of either denial or immobilizing fear.
But climate change is insidious and uncertain, inviting denial and procrastination.
Still, there is no need to actually go through tenure denial to the bitter end, if you are afforded the opportunity to withdraw.
So they choose self-indulgence instead of self-denial and self-esteem instead of self-questioning.
It is always tough to see their faces, hear their messages, and read their emails blaming you for their denial of acceptance.
Although rejection happens so often in the crowded academic market, there is still a strange kind of denial about it.
To top off the whole affair, the letter from the president upholding my tenure denial was addressed to me at the wrong department.
Despite early diagnosis, audacious denial in the face of its increasingly severe symptoms led to its deterioration and demise.
There will be a long period of ignoring it, then denial and then shock.
There are so many ways in which work and family conflicts can end up fueling a denial of tenure.
There is also denial and the feeling that you are crazy.
It would be a denial of everything scientists do, an abdication of the responsibility that comes with knowledge.
The whole concept of diet exists in denial of our biological heritage.
All they want is to maintain the status quo, so denial is the easy solution.
People simply are in denial of this easy to predict emerging energy technology because it is too-good-to-be-true.
Their denial was the typical reaction of orthodoxy to something it can't explain.
But last fall, denial suddenly gave way to reluctant acceptance that the naysayers were right.
Then it's more a question of denial of what is obvious.
The denial some parents have stands in the way of the reality.
In a positive sense, denial gives rise to invention and art.
We need to stop the disbelief and denial, concentrating our efforts instead on proper diagnosis and treatment.
From their vantage point, denial and doubt is the only viable option.
If you cannot see that then you are denial of the evidence which somewhat kills your credibility on this topic.
Over and over our so called leader live in either denial or want to propagandize its citizens.
Reading these comments is a good social science study of denial and defense.
She found something saintly and crazed in his undertaking, an element of self-denial, an element of penance.
It meant that he was afraid of everybody and that his peculiar humor was a denial of anxiety.
Denial is not an explanation of a social fact but an adaptation to it.
One approach represents a denial, the other a direct confrontation.
For one, in both cases the ultimate denial of happiness is the ultimate reason for and outcome of the farm's existence.
As an act of hostility or aggression, the denial of any vital resource to a nation is traditionally a cause of war.
He is more or less in denial about this milestone, and it suits him.
It's the denial of that infinitely flexible reading that now seems strange.
The government, however, is now too deeply wedded to its strategy of denial to back down even an inch.
Denial and rose-tinted accounting mean that losses on these investments have yet to be fully recognised.
Her self-denial gifted her with a long, if severe life.
Hence any long term denial of service to its users is a bad idea.
It is funny and sad to see all the people in denial about nuclear power.
Physicists are still in denial, ruthlessly attacking anybody who points out their failure.
He was told that if he persists in this denial he will jeopardize his probation and could be sent back to jail.
We're in utter denial, in a way that sometimes borders on humorous.
Denial of such genetic component is obviously wrong.
Right now they either are naive about that or in denial about it.
There is nothing speculative about it and it is hardly a denial of the validity of all evidence.
But denial of scientific observation will invite a rebuttal by the scientists.
It takes this kind of denial to justify the evil and deviance in mankind, and let's you off the hook for it.
Denial about the world being a global village is self-destructive, and possibly suicidal for humanity.
The reasons for retrospective denial are often based upon technical rationale rather than medical necessity.
Denial can also give you time to feel hopeful and better about the future.
Having been crushed psychologically in childhood, they have made a decision to live in denial of their own feelings.
The stubborn silence heralds victory for the disease: denial cannot keep the virus at bay.
But there is no excuse for the denial of due process to these prisoners.
There should be no further punishment, and no denial of access for relatives or for any well-wishers requested by the jailed.
Instead there has been from them a steady stream of denial, often bordering on a rewriting of history.
If it is true, however unwelcome or not it is, then denial is both futile and destructive.
They have been traumatized by the fighting and the denial of basic rights and opportunities.

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