declarative in a sentence

Example sentences for declarative

Such a bold declarative statement has the power of persuasion.
One, known variously as explicit or declarative memory, records the salient details of an individual's life.
Declarative sentences should accompany their drawings that accurately describe the adaptations.
It turns a strong declarative statement into a question, conveying weakness, uncertainty and a request for approval.
They can handle a simple declarative sentence consisting of short, common words.
The more certain and declarative the tone, the more foolish the writer, regardless of whether they happen to be right.
And the other problem is the application of declarative sentences to describe what can't be known.
She is a big fan of declarative sentences and of building up from consensus.
He talks in simple, declarative sentences that are heavy on monosyllables.
Moral judgments have the form of ordinary declarative sentences and obey the usual laws of logic.
Although the sculptures seem to have a declarative simplicity, they are always moving in several directions at once.
He wrote his own copy in simple, declarative sentences.
He wrote a first simple declarative sentence again and it was impossible for him to put down the next sentence on paper.
When you have a strong answer, try to phrase that answer in the form of a declarative sentence.
One simple declarative sentence lopes after another.
First, the ability to write a simple declarative sentence.
Most were too declarative, too forceful for this place in the narrative.
We search endlessly for the simple declarative sentence.
Today's paper is a noble attempt to create a snapshot of a singular moment, a declarative draft of history.
To a certain extent, musical memory is procedural rather than declarative.
Don't be fooled by the dry declarative nature of that sentence: a huge amount of work went into being able to say it.
Gore has discredited himself by pushing propaganda and making silly declarative statements.
He made declarative statements of fact that, upon closer examination, turn out to be false.
The charm of the the simple declarative sentence cannot be overstated.
In that work, the haunting, declarative sentence is carved into a collage of street posters.
They are also playing in some of the borders that surround the simple, declarative, affectionate text.
His sentences are lean and declarative, his paragraphs uncluttered, his chapters short.
The cast's sturdy voices and rich choral singing go a long way toward redeeming blunt declarative lyrics from sentimentality.
The plain declarative sentence is apt to be set off by a dazzle of rhetorical questions and apostrophes to the reader.
It is the dread which sits in the silences of his short declarative sentences.
Your commencement speaker will avoid declarative statements leading to definite conclusions wherever possible.
Rather than tiptoe around negative facts, the commission members make their points with the simplest of declarative sentences.
Watch the trailer, then see if you can remember which self-serious declarative statement occurs during which scene.
Declarative items are short enough to hold in your memory.
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