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But if it is to achieve the goal of development over the next decade, more reform will be needed.
We're now half a decade into mountain biking's dual-suspension dynasty.
Here's how much you'd have at the end of June if you had invested $100 a month into the five largest stock funds for a decade.
This publishing season kicks off a new decade—and things may never be the same.
All three of these scenarios are possible within a decade.
But the past decade has laid bare the limits of high-tech power.
Winter ends in the Arctic earlier than a decade ago.
There will be more people, Colleges will double their enrollments within the decade.
Environmentalists, an alien species until a decade or two ago, have settled in.
Crisp-fried chicken tacos have been the party entrée of choice here for almost a decade.
In the last decade, winemakers the world over have begun using less and less sulfur.
The decade was fighting romance with romance, the romance of blood with the romance of tears.
The last decade of the eighteenth century witnessed an increasing attention paid to commercial and financial questions.
But no other novel of the decade has been less dimmed by a half century of realism.
Half of the island is expected to remain uninhabitable for another decade.
The challenge for the next decade will be to make sense of all that.
After a decade of record growth, enrollment appears to be slowing down at many of the nation's community colleges.
And it was adversarial, especially in its first decade, self-consciously announcing the new.
Mazda's mad scientists say they spent a decade studying high compression ratio powerplants.
Over the past decade, however, a different sort of free has emerged.
Because game players seem to have provided an answer to a scientific question that's vexed researchers for a decade.
The dietary guide introduced a decade ago has led people astray.
The fat-regulating protein leptin was first linked to obesity more than a decade ago.
But rebuilding the region itself will not gain momentum before the next decade.
There has hardly been any good news in the global climate sweepstakes for the last decade.
In addition, the findings may clear up a decade-old debate about the dark regions of the moon.
It's been more than a decade since the human genome was published.
Climate change dominated the environmental discourse this decade.
They're doing what they've been doing for more than a decade: measuring how the park's storied glaciers are melting.
The real reason is that oil shares have performed worse than any other group of industrial shares over the past decade.
The bad news is that the demographic maths imply that equity valuations will continue to fall until the middle of this decade.
The rate of foreign investment has soared around tenfold in the past decade.
Over the past decade, the trend growth rate has increased as a result of heavy investment and faster improvements in productivity.
The result of that bubble was a bear market that is already into its third decade.
Cross-border trading in shares has increased hugely over the past decade, creating a global equity market.
Yet over a decade and a half later, he's as not-wrong as he was then.
Over the past decade, equity investing hasn't offered much of a premium.
In the past decade, as cities have gentrified, the suburbs have continued to grow at a breakneck pace.
The onset is typically in the patient's second decade.
In sum, as the nineteenth century entered its last decade, physics surveyed its vast kingdom and was pleased.
The accompanying review mentions your role in tempering the face of development over the past decade.
The technology is based on a decade of research elucidating how the brain controls the immune system, particularly inflammation.
Imagine what new ideas the innovation ecosystem will bring to the development of biofuels in the next decade.
Kodak suffered as digital cameras eclipsed film ones over the last decade.
Researchers have been working toward flesh-welding lasers for more than a decade, and a number of human trials have shown promise.
In the past decade the country has focused on transforming its research into consumer-focused companies and products.
And he believes life-span-lengthening medicines will be available within a decade.
In fact, evidence for and against that conclusion has been building for more than a decade.
The issues concerning corrosive effects were solved by the automotive industry a decade ago.
Scientists have hoped to create such cells for more than a decade, initially attempting the feat through human cloning.
Over the past decade, the cost of sequencing has dropped dramatically.
That's erased a decade of economic gains for the poor in some countries.
The past decade has seen a revolution in our understanding of the brain.
He's been dead for a decade, killed in his prime by a freak accident.
In its first decade, it was an elitist, fringe sport.
Several were built or renovated in the last decade, and construction is under way to replace others.
And with these icequakes doubling twice in little more than a decade, there is growing concern.
Due to the plodding geological shifts of the continents, the city is sinking at a rate of two and a half inches per decade.
During the first decade after reintroduction, the wolf populations soared.
Residents say the town has doubled in size over the past decade.
Those of us who were there, and remember the decade vividly, will disagree.
Earlier than a decade ago, astronomers figured it would be impossible to see them against the brilliant glare of their stars.
Several scenes expose the deplorable physical condition of the building, which is falling apart after little more than a decade.
Our previous decade of inaction has made the task more difficult, since emissions in the developing world are accelerating.
The past decade suggests that the rule of law may be stronger than cynics thought.
Where the money and brainpower will go in the next decade.
The hunt for the genes responsible has made for some fascinating molecular sleuthing over the past decade.
The past decade has pounded us with examples of the dangers of overconfidence.
Marathon sleeping spells come and go, cropping up intermittently for roughly a decade.
Astronomers, who had been predicting the best comet in more than a decade, began hedging their bets.
But in the last decade, acid rain has all but fallen off the radar.
His initial announcement about the site, over a decade ago, was met with immense skepticism.
But studies over the past decade have proved that the hum is far too constant for that explanation.
In less than a decade, each of us will be surrounded by a virtual cloud of billions of points of medical data.
The puzzle stumped scientists for more than a decade, but gamers solved it in three weeks.
For years-in one case, a decade-their cancer had withstood every treatment doctors could throw at it.
The new space vehicles will carry astronauts back to the moon starting near the end of the next decade.
For more than a decade rumors swirled concerning the gold's whereabouts.
In the last decade, global ozone levels have stabilized or increased only slightly.
The data were new and messy, but by the end of the disco decade it was clear that something was terribly wrong.
In the last decade, researchers have become increasingly skilled at detecting and interpreting brain signals.
Often he could not name the decade, his location, or even his grandchildren.
And in the past decade, control of invasive species has become the hottest of hot-button environmental issues.
Sure, less than a decade ago, he was on top of the world.
They've all worked on the mountain for a decade or more, and if you're ready to hike, these are your best guides.
The last decade was either a good stretch or a bad one for super heroes.
Waxing nostalgic about this decade is going to be tough.
Comment about the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century.
The bundles do, of course, include many more channels than they did a decade ago.
Her early albums represented a peak in a decade not short on good guitar music.
The same can't be said, though, of the boom of the past decade.
What the writers and the singer ended up doing will likely define them even a decade from now.
During the past decade, leeching has become part of the routine training for reconstructive plastic surgeons.
While technically not published within this decade, this has been our top requested fiction piece of the past ten years.

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