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If it never sees the light of day again, offshore processing seems doomed.
Many departments invite guest speakers to give a talk and spend a day or two visiting as part of a seminar series.
Students complained of the long commutes to and from the campus, which averaged two to three hours a day, round-trip.
The standard horsecar, which seated twenty, was drawn by a pair of roans and ran sixteen hours a day.
There are plenty of things to do in the neighborhood, despite the gray day.
Gazillion bio-children are abused, neglected and abandoned every day.
There's no better way to start a day than with a jaunt by the sea.
So they took one snapshot of data and called it a day.
Warm up game day with great, easy-to-transport tailgating recipes.
And the number of posts per day fluctuates, but doesn't seem to have been rising on average over the last couple of weeks.
For major events, maybe, but not the first day of school.
It was great to meet a university representative for a ride to the nearest motel after a long day of travel.
One day the ersatz seascape will likely become the real thing.
The spot, caused by the impact of a comet or an asteroid, is changing from day to day in the planet's cloud tops.
Our bodies adjust to the cycle of day and night thanks to specialized neurons in our eyes.
Realizing he had worked his whole life in vain, he destroyed all his paintings and was found dead the next day.
We let him out the first day and he came back no problems.
Keep up with all that's happening in academe each day.
The type of job determines day-to-day life more than the organization does.
First, an interim chief must provide day-to-day leadership so that an effective search for a permanent successor can be conducted.
Overwhelmed, campus police had difficulty identifying the perpetrators and made only two arrests on game day.
The day-care centers that millions of parents entrust their children to harbor a hidden danger.
Day after day an overbearing colleague grates on your nerves.
Their hormone levels were revved up and did not slide off as the day progressed.
Not even a princess is immune to a bad-hair day in windy weather.
But unreason, cheered on by cable news, has won the day.
Similar bots may one day clear clots in blood vessels.
She said she could take care of her diabetes herself and added that she had been injecting a single shot of insulin a day.
The plea may sound straight out of a sci-fi movie, but for some people, it's a sensation they face every day.
These bone-marrow cells replenish red and white blood cells day in and day out for decades.
But this day her face was drawn, and her eyes looked worried.
The makeup they wear has to last all day without creasing or fading.
No one raises an eyebrow if you take a nap every day.
Many in the room heard of the concert only the day before, either via an army e-mail or by word of mouth.
Lunch consists of something a little bit different every day-it could be leftovers, it could be pasta.
Stuffing and preparing the pork a day ahead leaves you free to entertain and makes the meat especially flavorful as well.
Think all day in cups and tablespoons, slices and slivers, and then try to function in the outside world.
It's cold, it's icy, it's sweet-the perfect alternative to heavy ice cream on a hot summer's day.
If you should happen to hunt all day without finding a pig, don't worry.
During normal, day-to-day use, the inner shell remains immobile.
But experts say that smart-phone owners are unknowingly taking a much bigger risk with information about where they go all day.
He concluded that one day soon it might be possible to create such a six-limbed vertebrate.
Each day at work, your computer is monitoring your every move.
They narrate their day-to-day activities for all to hear--every ache and pain or coming and going.
Then there is the story of how the exchange of data between far-flung computers gets easier every day.
Imagine your whole day lived backward, from beginning to end.
It makes us all happy to write and she had discovered a way of writing she could do and be happy every day.
She was never at any hour of the day or night free of these consumptions, never except when she was asleep.
He wanted a record of his actions not only day by day but almost minute by minute.
The sun rises late and sets early, and even during the day there is little to do but trade tales.
As usual the children come to us each day but this time around they seem much younger-seven months to four years.
Whether this is an inspiring or a delusive idea depends on a great many complex judgments, which change from day to day.
Luckily, the children rise to the occasion once more, saving the day before they set out on a splendid new adventure.
Spend your day in service to the community with one of the many volunteer projects planned.
Day use only sites where visitors can hike, picnic, and view nature.

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