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For this point must be borne constantly in mind-the money spent to date was spent with a view only to strategy.
So ask a reindeer what time of year it is, and it may be able to give you the date.
The projected completion date has been pushed back for decades.
Her anticipation doubles as the weeks close in on the pub date.
Common guys, the markets have spoken, please make a better effort at remaining relevant and up to date.
Photographs must have been taken within two years of the date of entry.
Don't be surprised if you see one or more pop up here at some later date.
Never mind whether your date is smart or good-looking.
My advice to her: don't date your profs, and protect yourself emotionally.
The technique is widely used to date ancient rocks around the world.
We shall see if they'll draw out new comb at this late date in summer.
Similar alarms date far back and continue to come from other leaders of academe, science, and industry.
Scientists have until now failed to date the fossils accurately.
The announcements came on a date rich in spaceflight history.
We will fine-tune our menu as the date draws closer, depending on what's ready for harvest at that time.
When that's all done, evaluations must be coded and filed for a later date.
Fish that date to dinosaur days get rare human visitors.
In this kind of scenario, you can actually go online with your potential mate and go somewhere together if you are on a date.
Sow seeds indoors about six weeks before the average date of the last spring frost in your area.
To date the data is pretty thin and this has fueled the controversy of whether shale gas is a suitable bridge fuel.
Label each container with the plant's name and the date.
Yeah, the science is often incorrect or out of date.
But if you are forced into doing so, choose a date so far in the future that you will not be around to be proved wrong.
In the springtime, watch the trees and note the date that buds first appear.
However, capacity constraints have to date reduced the effectiveness of poverty-reduction strategies.
The purported suicide note, written in capital letters, bore no date or signature and got his father's name wrong.
We were simply objects among bones, bones among objects, and then signed and sealed with a date.
Yet even its activities to date have been controversial.
Abstract thinking may date back further than previously thought.
To prevent later confusion, label each container with the plant name and sowing date.
My provision of the salt, which had never been renewed since the date of the first experiment, began to run low.
Since that date cats have found it wiser to wash after dinner.
It had agreed to a date, then showed up with a shaved head.
At this date, the daguerreotype process had fallen from favor and general use.
With the election date and primary field set, the opposition is optimistic.
The lucky few who get jobs are often being told to find something else to do for now, and report for duty on some far-off date.
Sorting this chart by sales instead of by date makes it almost impossible to see if there's any real trend.
By the time someone has written a book about a breaking insight, its likely out of date.
Do not set the official resignation date until the last day of insurance coverage.
The work of two scientists who worked independently was announced at precisely the same date and place, in a joint paper.
Apple may have occasionally hinted at it, but it never promised a ship date.
Chances are, the recalcitrant bill reader uses an old-fashioned magnetic scanner rather than the up-to-date optical version.
After each date, the participants rated their partners for romantic desirability and romantic chemistry.
They also rated their own sense of self-confidence on the date.
Their study provides the strongest evidence to date that spiritual thinking arises in, or is limited by, specific brain areas.
To date, quantum dots have been an exciting discovery in search of the proper application.
But in all studies to date, the patients believed they were receiving a real drug.
To date, there have been no tools to help gardeners adapt.
Their ancestors date back more than one million years and have already survived extreme geologic changes.
To date the scientists have discovered five new salamander species.
Use this parameter to define the date that a snapshot was created, in terms of elapsed days.
In high school, the cartoonist was a nerd who could not get a date.
But no solid date has been set since the first failed attempt.
Still, the potential launch date continues to get shifted further down the calendar.
Once a molecule is patented, the clock starts ticking towards the expiration date of the patent.
To date, the returns here have been modest, but they are growing.
Evidence prior to that date strongly indicated the absence of infiltration.
In some cases, the spills date back to previous owners and predate environmental regulations.
But it's worth the effort to make a drivers' expensive cars feel as up to date as the relatively cheap device in their pockets.
The mutation is unique, not found in any of the other human-or animal-genomes sequenced to date.
All nine have survived to date, and five have successfully gone on to heart transplants.
But delays and defective parts followed, and then a blown summer release date.
Things are never up to date, and unless you consciously know about something, you can't put it in.
To date, pig skin and pig valves have been used in human transplants, but not entire organs.
To date, converting that heat for sensible uses or energy uses has been pretty costly.
However, because the algorithm relies on known inputs--namely the date--domains can be precomputed, aiding the defenders.
All employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices.
His diatribe discusses the old patents his father got that are all out of date in in the public domain.
She got all dressed up and felt excited before and after but was bored during their date.
Sure, the physics guys can pat themselves on the back- right up to date with the latest thinking and all that.
There are people who can tell you on what day of the week a certain date corresponds to within seconds.
If the doctor chooses to write a statement, it must indicate diagnosis, prognosis and date of return.
What gimmicky date you should choose to hold the big day.
The date and pricing of the offering have not yet been named.

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