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Two daring daylight hold ups topped the list of criminal happenings in this city yesterday.
He deserves credit for an honest and daring proposal.
It seemed daring at the time, even a little revolutionary.
What is more, they are actually daring to stand up and say so.
See villagers perform this daring feat as they literally risk their necks to secure harvest blessings and prove their bravery.
The more outrageous or daring the activity, the more potential points for the team.
Add humor and hype, daring and dancing, and still the list is incomplete.
He sees how the world can be made better with the strategic and daring use of time, talent and resources.
He's as daring and heroic as any self-made king ought to be.
Cisco's gear is the more daring because it is a dedicated video-calling system.
Cosmonauts did a daring spacewalk earlier this summer to try to fix the problem by removing the offending bolt.
The main similarity is their daring and self-sufficiency.
Every year, males of all ages tie vines to their ankles and make daring leaps-head first-off a wooden tower.
More than seven centuries ago, some daring acrobat had pounded them with a rock harder than sandstone.
Spaniards are even daring to glance affectionately at the past and laugh.
Though his scientific credentials are solid, he will probably be best remembered as a daring and successful businessman.
Heads of law firms cannot indulge in the daring tactics their clients so enjoy.
And there the legend has remained, daring others to prove it.
And it has been able to generate the resources to support its daring initiative.
Prosecutions for libel were numerous, and daring writers had to stand in the pillory, besides being imprisoned and fined.
At the time he had put no faith in those dreams and was only tantalising himself by their hideous but daring recklessness.
She sat with her hands clasped under the table, not daring to look round.
The surgeon was skilled and daring, the patient fiercely determined to live.
My hat goes off to them for there persistence, daring, humility and caring.
Now you can explore that lofty world in the company of daring researchers.
Still, one daring fish makes its home among sea anemones.
If anything, that undersells the daring of the episode, which aired last night.
They are beautifully and inventively shot on location around the world, pushing the aesthetics of daring to a new level.
For three years now, we've been unable to be as imaginative and daring as we'd have liked.
She sat stiffly, not daring to look outside, while her children wandered the aisle.
He has dared attempt the task of knowing the whole law, and yet without any sense of daring, but as a matter of course.
The point is, wine-making seemed a daring break from form.
Historical events informed a number of daring new plays and musicals, and triumphant returns to the stage were everywhere.
The parks feature bowls, grind ledges and blocks, and ramps for daring skaters at a variety of skill levels.
Once welcomed as daring, the hall was now scorned as unbuildable-a whimsically complicated folly.
The future lies in daring to invest money and in daring to dream.
Those who disagree are portrayed as idiots or morons for daring to question the enlightened among us.
On the edge of the beach, children dance nimbly from one bobbing ice floe to the next, laughing and daring one another.
Where the former film is agonized and sullen, the latter is mischievous and restive, daring us to be dismayed by its insolence.
Many doctors fear the future will end daring, creativity, and the joys of thinking that medicine has had.
Whenever a critic invokes the virtues that inhere in storytelling, it's a sign that a daring artist's knuckles are being rapped.
She is both candid and private, gregarious and solitary, self-doubting and daring.
Civilians who had never dreamt they would see such images in public stared in rapt silence, still not daring to laugh out loud.
The dandy's strategy is to combine daring with tact, flamboyance with distance.
The novel ends with a daring and heartbreaking rescue worthy of this adventure tale.
She had appeared in a film wearing a daring bikini, which revealed her magnificent body as she rose seductively out of the waves.
The bold exploits, the daring feats, the perils of aerial warfare-that was the easy part.
It's a bit more daring inside, and it gains a new four-cylinder engine.
But now the new permissiveness has caught up with this once-daring tribe.
Some are daring while others are cautious by nature.
Also called the bold jumping spider, or the daring jumping spider.
Children splash and play along the edges while the more daring cannonball into the depths of the spring.
Ewald was a courageous and daring officer who stressed the use of surprise and offensive maneuvers.
They perform daring rescues and extinguish raging infernos, but firefighters also protect people in many other ways.

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