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Think of the amount of brutality, the cruelty and the lies allowed to spread over the civilized world.
Humans should be ashamed of their cruelty and greed.
There are anti-cruelty laws that attempt to prevent people from harming or starving domestic animals.
Animals will be in pain when humans inflict cruelty on them.
It explains the general sense of xenophobia and cruelty of white people even.
Interestingly, the same cruelty also endangers the mahouts.
By the standards our governments have set, the life of a wild animal is cruelty.
She was yet alive when the governor, finding it impossible to add to his cruelty, ordered her to be thrown into the sea.
The cruelty shown him did little to check the movement.
The judge inquired in what part of the world that was, and ordered him to be tormented with fresh cruelty.
Admiration for the quickness of a spoken quip, somewhat mitigates its cruelty.
And the sort of masculinity required for heroes often leads to horrific acts of cruelty and aggression.
The cruelty of much animal experimentation cannot be justified on scientific grounds, because it has proved largely unproductive.
Different moralists give different reasons as to why cruelty to animals is wrong.
He asked me to remember the cruelty of seven years of imprisonment, with alternating hopes and fears.
The percentage of incorrigibles is not affected by the cruelty or kindness of the law.
Off-hand cruelty is the pirates' signature behavior.
There was no real hiding the quiet cruelty and pain.
Cruelty and bullying are the reverse side of this disciplined obedience.
Unheard of cruelty and crimes have been committed in the process.
And any tolerance or encouragement of cruelty to animals raised for food deserves harsh scorn.
Still, in my eyes it's not cruelty for the sake of being cruel.
Cruelty to animals is not frowned upon in ancient cultures.
One nagging problem for the industry is fears about animal cruelty.
Hunting used to be supported even by charities campaigning against animal cruelty.
It thrived until last year's famine exposed its incompetence and cruelty.
The evidence points to trickery and vindictive cruelty.
If the perpetrators are found, they could be prosecuted under the state's animal-cruelty laws.
His unearthed tomb reflects his cruelty and brilliance.
They are images of helpless, defenseless victims of unthinkable cruelty.
They would often circulate apocryphal stories of their might and cruelty in order to instill fear and confusion in their enemies.
Humans' capacity for senseless cruelty toward vulnerable species is well-established.
Some are subjected to cruelty or exploitation in some circuses and roadside zoos and kept in deplorable conditions.
Thank you for exposing this cruelty and allowing others to know and see the facts.
Some children are allowed to treat animals unkindly, a behavior that often leads to cruelty to animals.
And the sooner the better, given the cruelty of many deficits.
Of course, the weird cruelty of spasmodic dysphonia means there's always a chance that his voice could disappear again.
In every industrialized nation, the movement to reform health care has begun with stories about cruelty.
Cruelty can be righteously opposed, eventually dismissed.
But none of them responded to it with cruelty or contempt.
The display of systemic cruelty is not chilling but galvanizing.
The problem is a culture of exposure that is far more advanced than any efforts to combat online cruelty.
Describes the group's changing response to the new forms of political cruelty.
His face belies a brusque and wary nature that veers between cruelty and sentimentality.
The book covers many bases: the cruelty of children, the testing of physical and emotional boundaries, the fallibility of parents.
It is cruelty to animals to use dozens of living dogs to try to incubate replicas of previously living dogs.
Acts of such mothers are branded as mental illness rather than plain cruelty.
Many of us feel this is not the case, and do not condone the attempts to justify cruelty.
Altruism is part of the spectrum of human behaviour as is cruelty.
Human nature is a mix of selfish cruelty and cooperative kindness.
It is a political question, one where you can seek to sway society's opinion towards less cruelty, to make it wrong.
We show no reluctance to engage in, or perfect, barbarism and cruelty.
The material world is reality with all its beauty and cruelty.
They say the same thing about objecting to cruelty to animals.
There were more wars, more callousness more cruelty, more exploitation.
But humans are social animals with a mix of empathy and cruelty.
The ironic juxtaposition of pleasure, cruelty, and a rusting tractor adds a distinctive local flourish.
It did encourage kindness and affection, but it simultaneously encouraged cruelty and hatred.
It must be wonderful to have power, and use it with moderation and cruelty.
Perhaps it would make the teasing and cruelty that school-aged kids unleash on each other not so vicious.
Our occupation starts to crumble as greed and cruelty consume us.
Or maybe it's the fierceness and cruelty of being a pirate that appealed to you.
In her theology, all sins can be forgiven, except cruelty.
But even within the cruelty of war, there exists mercy.
Future generations may look back and shudder at the cruelty of it.
Cruelty to animals, it is said, is often a precursor to graver crimes.
Such standards also aim to reduce economic distinctions and to suppress the cruelty of school cliques.
But given the cruelty with which pop culture devours its celebrity eccentrics, he's had a pretty easy ride.
But the idiocy of the script can't dilute the cruelty behind it.
There are many animals suffering cruelty at the hands of their owners.
It shows us that longing and tenderness always co-exists with cruelty and corruption.

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