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In the age-old cultural ebb and flow between city and country, the city has made a remarkable turnaround.
Every nation has violent loners, and they tend to have remarkably similar profiles from one country and culture to the next.
The country still has a vast problem with rural and urban poverty, and a collapsing education system.
Why don't you compare total taxes payed for each country.
Children of that age are turning the country's demographics on its head.
Collectively, these addresses chronicle the course of this country from its earliest days to the present.
Yet one can also find distinctive folk and indigenous musical genres in various regions of the country.
Many job applicants seeking academic positions in another country fail to ask about the conditions that their families will face.
At its last meeting, the group reviewed plans for a new public university, the country's fourth.
The group provides health care to amputees and others disadvantaged by the country's long history of war and poverty.
Then he began to think bigger, creating awards for first-generation-college students at public universities around the country.
He's bent on bringing his country into the brotherhood of first-world nations and reversing its growing reputation for blundering.
More than nine months after the country's devastating earthquake, a cholera epidemic has sickened thousands.
The country is almost self-sufficient in rice production.
Alternatively, one might expect to see people prefer dimensions that their country is lacking.
The lowest fifty percent of the country has less than five percent.
When you garden in deer country, growing vegetables can be a real challenge.
He has seen it on television and in comic books and acted out at country fairs and in school theatricals.
If the country can not take care of them or fine with were they are then so be it.
Another country was a country that belonged to other people.
His disappearance was being reported on the morning news, his image flashed on television screens across the country.
He injected billions in oil revenues directly into the economy, dipping into the country's savings to do so.
Becoming a richer, more powerful country has rarely been relaxing.
Your answer to that question says a lot about where you see the country going, and what is driving it to get there.
The late vintner helped transform this country into the world's largest market for wine.
Living and working in a foreign country, you begin to understand the rituals that create community.
Sold by leading department stores and food shops throughout the country.
Every state in the country requires that infants be tested for a list of obscure diseases.
The bumpy country road wound deeper into the scrubland until at last an undulating shape appeared in the distance.
Wildfires are sweeping through the country right now.
If you are a citizen of some other country, then please leave a comment.
It doubled its food production and is now a major food-exporting country.
Houses once used as meth labs dot the country, and pose health risks to their new residents.
Axe the gluttonous bureaucracy that runs your country.
Uneducated fools can be found in every country and every period of history, and they are not unknown in high office.
As the vaccination fist closes in one country, the virus bursts out in another.
We are a year and a half away from the next election, in a country that has major elections every two years.
But there are few things more important to the long-term flourishing of a country than investment in basic science.
My roommates approached me this morning to settle a debate about the best country to start a business.
If the country cannot right itself before that happens, it will default on its sovereign debt and become an economic pariah.
Only big improvements in schooling are going to restore public education and the well-being of the country.
But its real impetus seems to be fears on the right about the country's minority populations.
On that memorable day, the country's last vestiges of private property came to an end.
The ambition behind this project goes back to the founding of this country.
He also said that he would go to every corner of the country to argue for his priorities and his vision.
But he tried: he repeated his explanation all over the country.
One is the popular image that was at one time formed of him in this country.
Many of the guys, in other words, who have been running the country into the ground and ripping us off for decades.
Those poor homeless guys who have served their country and now live on the streets and the country has forgotten them.
All the divisiveness and anger has not done the country one bit of good.
And there's still a lot to learn, and enjoy, about this country.
Again, a deeply symbolic conflict, an emotional and ideological division in the country.
The country stagnated economically for the next half century.
The total population presents one overall measure of the potential impact of the country on the world and within its region.
The country imports nearly all its needed supplies of natural gas and oil products.
There were reports of a number of human rights problems and abuses in the country.
Tourist facilities are available throughout the country.
The country's key export industries are phosphate mining, fertilizer production, and commercial fishing.

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